Five for Friday!

 Yes.....we made it!

 Science!  We have been having so much fun in science this week.  We are working with the FOSS kit Wood and Trees.  This week we investigated with our wood samples to see if they would float.  Then we added weight to see if we could get them to sink.  SO many great conversation came from this!

 Field Trip!  We are going on 2 weeks worth of field trips starting Monday.  Our city hosts a water conservation field trip every year for our Kindergarten classes.  12 kids go each day with Mrs. H20 (and I stay behind in the classroom).  She is super fabulous and is so excited to share her knowledge about the water cycle and water conservation.  I'm excited for my kiddos!

So have you heard?  There is a brand new collaborative blog that just debuted this week.  It's full of sunshiny goodness from all the gals in Arizona.  I'm super lucky to be a part of such a great group of ladies.  We are giving away $100 TPT gift card on the blog.  You should go enter NOW because the giveaway ends at midnight tonight!

  Hooray for volunteers!  I have the most wonderful classroom Abuela who is helping us with creating a classroom garden.  She has huge plans for our little classroom playground but for now she started us out with 2 containers of tomatoes that we will care for until the larger garden is done. She has taken care of all the leg work and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful helper in the classroom.  She spends our Friday afternoons with us and I'm always so happy to see her walk through the door.  I forgot to take pics of our planters, but here is our thank you note to one of the companies that donated. 
I love how it turned out, their hand prints are darling!
And last but not least, it's fun to share a little normal life too!  My sister was visiting from San Diego and we got a little hiking in with her.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Sedona!  The views were amazing but this gives you a little perspective of how high up we went! 
Have a wonderful weekend friends.  We might get out and enjoy a little sunshine or do a little gardening.  First on my list is to sleep in!