Five for Friday: Field trips, Beavers, and so much more!

As usual....I'm exhausted.  Thank heavens it's Friday!
We had such an exciting week!  The week started with a series of field trips, we studied beavers in reading and science, and continued our investigations into wood and trees.  So much happening in kinderland!
We started the week with field trips!  My kiddos went on a series of field trips this week with a wonderful volunteer from our city.  We call her "Mrs. H20" (although her real name is Linda!) and she teaches a series of water literacy lessons in the field.  This week we traveled to our local river and learned about the natural resources in the area.  Kids went 11-12 at a time and I stayed behind in the classroom.  Talk about stressful!  I sent them off each morning with Mrs. H20 and a handful of super parents.  I was worried the first day but by the end of the week it was smooth sailing! 
They experienced so many wonderful lessons at the river.  I have heard about this trip non stop for the last 4 days from 45 excited Kinders!

While some of us were away on field trips the rest of us were busy little beavers!  Our story of the week was Building Beavers and we learned so many cool things about these awesome creatures.  Did you know that much of our fertile farmland across the country is thanks to these little guys?  We spent our week collecting awesome facts about beavers!

Our classroom Abuela brought in compost worms today to share with the class as part of our classroom garden.  I love when she shows up with surprises!

Oh my!  I posted my very first post on our new collaborative blog, Hello Sunshine.  I was super nervous about it but it turned out my opinion!  (you can click on the button to check it out!)

Last but not least we continued or investigation into wood by using sandpaper to change the wood.  This sounds like the simplest idea EVER....however when you are 5 all the little things are amazing.  They were sanding away all day and amazed at how much the wood changed when they sanded it.  We will use our sawdust next week in a series of investigations including making paper!   I can't wait!

Have a great weekend friends!  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday posts!