Currently MARCH!

Leave it to Farley to get me blogging again.  February was a tough month!  I'm more than ready to say SEE YA February, hello MARCH!
*The hubs has a new favorite show, it makes him laugh which makes me smile.
*Loving that I went out on a limb and drove an hour and a half by myself to go to a blogger meet up this weekend.  We have some super fun stuff coming soon, and I'm really excited about it!
You'll have to stay tuned to hear more about our big news!

*Just keep swimming!  We've gone through some changes at work that have made my life SO MUCH BETTER, however I am feeling exhausted after a long 3rd quarter.  1 more week (BIG WEEK...Read Across America) and we get a much needed break.  Just. Keep. Swimming.
*I started a huge alphabet project which has me working nightly.  I'm excited about it, but now that I'm about half way done it's starting to feel like work (ewwww).  My favorite part about creating things is that it is not like work, it's a way to get my creative side a work out.  So I'm wanting this one to be DONE so I can get something else started!
*Needing Spring Break.....duh!
*We will be going to a Spring Training game (Dodgers!) and I will be relaxing! That's it!  Maybe it will be warm and we can get some hiking in, but I'm not holding my breath!

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