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Five for FUN Friday!

Oh how I love Friday!  Not just because it comes with the promise of sleeping in tomorrow but it is just so much stinkin' fun in the classroom.  My kiddos look forward to it, I look forward to it (plus I get to wear jeans :) ) and it's just a nice change from routine.  
Here is a little bit about our Fun Friday: 

1.  Fun....plain ol' fun.  We paint....we play with math manipulatives.....we get to check out all the cool apps on the iPads.....we get to check out the cool stuff on Starfall.  What could be more fun? 
2.  Today we got to take off our shoes!  We were a horrible muddy mess after all of the snow melted from our EPIC winter storm last week.  It was just a good way to end the week, barefoot! 
3.  I'm a total data nerd.  I'm not afraid to say it.  Friday I progress monitor all of my students.  
ALL of them.  
46 kids.  
Not lying.  
It's possible when you have super fun engaging centers for them to participate in.  The kicker?  They love coming to read to me.  When I call them up they come running to show me what they know.  Totally.  Awesome.    I have them brain washed....I'm pretty sure of that. 

4th....but not least.  I'm tired by Friday.  Really, really, tired.  I need a day to sit one on one with each kid and enjoy their funny little insights and adorable sayings.  I love sitting down and chatting with them before the test so they can tell me that their favorite book they read this week was about a Crazy Carrot  (I'm still trying to figure this one out).  They also tell me really funny things like their dog howls when they turn on the dishwasher and their favorite candy is candy corn.  I couldn't possibly write it all down but they are cute, they are funny, and they are mine.  :) 

Enough sappy sappy.  
On to 5 for Friday.  Here we go! 

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#1  We got snow! 
We NEVER get snow.  Not since I was in middle school or so.  My teenage children have never built a snowman, but we got snow!  We had 8 inches (I know that seems like nothing to most) on New Year's Eve and it is just about all melted now.  Our kids had so much fun coming back to school to an entire playground filled with the white stuff.  It's been a fun recess week in our neck of the woods!

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#2  Jammies.......
Monday I came home and put my jammies on at 4!  The end of a long day after being on break for 2 weeks! 
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#3  Reading! 
Holy cow we are reading!  The BEST part about teaching Kinder is seeing the progression from the first of the year to now.  We are reading!  It was fun to do some small group instruction this week and see their progress!  (not to mention their excitement!)

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#4 I had 2 Donor's Choose projects ship and arrive this week. BEYOND HAPPY to share this excitement! 


#5 This is what Fun Friday is all about.  These 3 worked on this puzzle together and were seriously happy to show it off at the end of the day.  We never have time for things like this during the week so it's a sigh of relief to let them be kids, work together, have fun,  and just be kids on Friday. :)  Happy day.

Happy Friday all!  Have a great weekend! 
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