Five for Friday: January 16th

3 day weekend!
And boy oh boy do we need it right now....

The flu is AWFUL in our tiny town right now.  Especially for my kiddos.  I had 10 out of 23 students in class most of the week.  (that was just one class, the 2nd class wasn't much better).  I had some students that were absent all week.  I'm praying this weekend everyone gets over this flu and we can get back to normal on Tuesday.  I'm also worried about my kids!  Scary stuff out there.

You would think it would be a quiet with half the class gone but that was not true.  Oddly enough it was more work for the teacher because the few that were there were either coughing, grouchy, sleepy, or just plain off the wall because everything was so strange.  I'm ready to leave this week behind for sure!

We did manage some fun stuff this week though, here is my Five for Friday:

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Lots of tardy slips this week.  Along with students being gone most of the class is coming in late.  I'm ready for spring! 
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 Our school resource officer came in to answer questions for the kiddos this week.  They were so attentive to him and asked great questions (with only a few reminders not to tell stories).  This is a difficult skill for Kinders! 
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Our new rug has finally found it's resting spot in our room. I only moved it about 10 times before I decided where it would fit.  The possibilities with this rug are endless!  Here we are in our "math circle" during math workshop.  Sitting around the edges of the rug works perfectly.   
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Math tubs were so much fun (again because of the rug!) this week because I "let it go" (don't start singing the song) and filled the tubs with all of our oldies but goodies.  I was really trying to keep on track with all of our new activities but the kids LOVE using these older activities.  If it works and it's good practice I'm leaving it in the tub! 
 Peg work is great for manual dexterity!
 Roll and record: Counting, adding, and graphing
 10 frame cards and cubes are ALWAYS good practice in Kinder!

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My husband is so funny.  Not haha funny but funny.  I found this as I was leaving the classroom Friday afternoon.  He keeps my grounded.
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Have a great weekend!