Currently January 2015!

Happy New Year! 

Did you have an exciting NYE?  Or are you old like me and sat at home and read a book until the ball dropped?  It's ok to admit that...there is nothing wrong with reading a John Green until midnight just so you can stay awake to kiss your husband happy new year.  Nothing at all.

We had a HUGE last day of 2014 in our little town.  It snowed.  All day.  Like all day long.  It never stopped and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I live in the high desert, and it rarely snows.  If it does we get a little dusting and then it is gone in about 15 minutes.  When I was little (a million years ago) it did snow, occasionally.  But for my kids this was their first big snow.  It was super exciting!

 The simple act of building a snowman together was such a fun way to end the year!  We did however have to use a chili pepper for the nose because we didn't have carrots....he was an Arizona snowman!

So now the 2014 is in the books (but there is still snow on the ground!) it's time for the first CURRENTLY of 2015!

Listening: I'm listening to the Rose Bowl Parade.  It's one of my favorites, the floats are amazing!
Loving: My family.  Maybe it's the afterglow of a great NYE but I am thankful for them.
Thinking:  I don't want to do any resolutions but I probably need too.  I'm just not the best at keeping them.  So I think I'm going to write down my GOALS and give myself I plan to achieve them, and not call them resolutions. 
Wanting:  A new purse.  It's dumb I know but I want one.
Needing:  OK....Currently was a big part of this last year.  A friend read my October Currently which was 
Wanting.....a printer and figure out Donor's Choose 
She told me to combine the two and do a project for a printer on DC.  I did!  And it got funded!  Then I did another one....and it got funded! So now I am needing some really unique, helpful, cool, creative, ideas for some new projects.  I'd like to keep something going but I want it to truly make an impact in my classroom.

Yes-I will reach my health goals.  I'm not saying I'm going to lose a million pounds but I'd like to get back on track....I've been off the rails for about 2 years now.
Maybe-No maybe on this one, but my big "dreams" are a maybe.  I will make my TPT goals this year.  Last year skyrocketed for me and I'm so excited to see what 2015 brings.
I wish- At dinner last night my husband and I were talking about tropical places (maybe it was all the snow) but it got me thinking about vacationing somewhere tropical.  I swear I was meant to live by the sea...

That's my CURRENTLY for January!  It your turn to link up now!  Click on the link to find Farley!