Wordless Wednesday: Art!

I'm linking up for another Wordless Wednesday with Sugar and Spice. One of my new favorite linky parties!  I love hearing from other bloggers! Once picture can inspire so much collaboration.  As they say, a picture says a thousand words.  Someone says that right? 
Link up to be inspired!

I'm cheating...I'm posting 3 pictures from today....
We are creating castles to go with our Cinderella Around the World unit. 

How much art do you integrate into your curriculum?

Peek at my Week: April 28th

April is almost done, how can this be possible!  We have 4 short weeks to do all the things I want to do before the year is up so I am getting a little stressed.  Too many activities, so little time.  

I really crammed in a lot to this week!  I'm sure teachers across the land are feeling the pressure.  Link up with Deedee at Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten to see what's up!
Click on the pic to get an up close look!

Here are some of the amazing products I will be using this week: 

This week we are focusing on the oi/oy blends.  We will be doing a little extra practice with pronouns too. 
We will be using Anna's writing pages to write All About inventions as part of our balance and motion unit. 
Saves me....everytime.  I'm short on math stations this week so I grabbed a couple of activities from this and bing..bang...boom...I'm all planned for math for the week!
The kiddos are love, love, loving this unit.  They love experimenting with toys and testing out their hypotheses.  Can't wait to get further into it this week!

I was pretty busy this weekend with a little PD (fun, fun) but I did manage to work on this today and get it posted.  I'm trying to get a jump on my Kindergarten curriculum before summer starts!
 Happy end of April to you and happy teaching!

Five for Friday: April 25th

This was the LONGEST....WEEK.....EVER!  Seriously!

I woke up on Thursday and convinced my sleepy self it was Saturday.....really!

I had to pick myself up and make it through the day before a LONG training on Friday that will last all the way through tomorrow afternoon.  It's been a long week, seriously!

I can't miss Five for Friday though, we just had too many good things going on this week!

Here we go!
#1 Earth Week Writing

 #2 International Festival
We had our 1st/2nd grade International Festival this week.  It was truly a wonderful way to celebrate friendship around the world!

#3 Just a cute pic....

During recess duty this week we had a few older classes spending their lesson time outdoor in honor of Earth day.  4 of my little boys plopped themselves down to talk to this 8th grader.   This is why mentoring programs are so important!

#4 This is by far my favorite pic of the week.  This little sweetie worked so hard on this chapter book all week.  She finished it not long after I took this picture.  I won't lie. She has a hard time focusing sometimes.  But this book CAPTURED her imagination.  I love first grade for this reason!
#5 Kindergarten.....I finished up my first unit for Kindergarten next year.  I haven't found anything I needed on Tpt yet so I decided to make all my own.  I only have 35 units left to go. No problem!  If you would like to see the fruits of my labor click on the pic!
Happy Weekend everyone!  I will be sitting in a leadership training all day tomorrow.  I know, I know, wa....wa.... I'll make it just a little bummed I won't be relaxing on the couch tomorrow!  Until next time, Happy Teaching!

Wordless Wednesday

I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.

Where do your kiddos love to read?

Earth Day Writing and a FREEBIE!

Writer's Workshop has been a DREAM this week!  We are pulling together everything we have learned about different types of writing (opinion, informative, and narrative) and we are doing a little of everything today.  

Today was a "How To" story about recycling.  They did so great!

They were busy busy busy and writing {silently} the whole time!  My objective for them this week is to finish 3 products and then pick their favorite to share on our earth themed writing wall.  It's all about being reflective!

Here is the unit I am using.  
It's one of my best writing products so far 
(in my oh so humble opinion!) 
Along with writing about earth day themed things we have tried to cut down our paper usage this week.  I broke out the white boards (which I usually hate dislike very much).  They love doing their word work on these.  I spied one little cutie writing out all of our Learner Profiles :) 
Made my heart smile.

They are so independent right now!  Our morning work just flows and they are busy being 1st graders (hehem....almost 2nd graders).  I just sit back and enjoy the ride!
So a tiny announcement of sorts......my mind has been wandering all over the place the last few weeks.  Our beloved Kinder teacher is leaving us next year and I have the opportunity to move to Kinder (where my heart first fell in love with teaching).  I have made the decision to take the leap and jump back into the Kinder pool.  Although I have already taught Kinder I've never done it at an IB school and I've never taught half day classes.  I'm ready for this amazing new adventure! 48 little sweeties I get to see every day?  Yes please!

Happy Earth Week to you!  Tomorrow (if it's not windy) we will do a little work outside to save electricity.  If it's windy I'll just open the windows and turn out the lights!

Here is a little freebie for you via Google Drive for visiting my little 'ol blog.  This is a writing page about why it is important to help the earth :)  Just click on the pic to get to the document!

Peek at my Week April 21st

Here is a very quick peek at my week. It's movie night at my house and it's starting right now!!

Here are the units I am using this week!


Nuts and Bolts Math Games by Learning with Mrs. Langley
We are not using any recording sheets this week to cut down on our paper usage for Earth Day.

Speaking of Earth Week: 
Easy Ecology by Katie Knight @ Teacher to the Core 
I love, love, love this unit. I bought it last year and I'm telling you the reading passages are amazing!  I use them all week long to help my kiddos work on fluency (like we do every week) but I love the information they take away from them.  This is truly a high quality product!

There is a little quiz at the end too and I'm going to give it to the kids using these: 
No paper, no destroying any trees, and best of all.....no grading!

Starting our LAST IB unit of the year.  This one is one of my favorites!  The kiddos love these science experiments! (I know I said this last week, but really, we are going to start this week!)

Five for Friday April 18

I don't know if I have ever typed up a Five for Friday at 10 am.......with coffee in hand this is so much easier than Friday night!  I have already been enjoying this day off by sleeping in and doing nothing.  I may have to get motivated soon though, my house is a mess!
Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

We finished our Cinderella Around the World Unit this week.  The kiddos all finally finished their summative assessment yesterday by writing an opinion piece about their favorite version of the story.  Why does it always take so long to get those last 2 finished?  Everyone else was done last week!

We finished up the last of Katie King's Sporty Math Stations this week. They are such a great way to review multiple skills and push those kiddos to the next level.  
 We have started double digit addition with regrouping and these centers include that!  I've never had a group that was ready to move on to regrouping but I am so excited about it!  They are ALL getting it.  My favorite part is that they can show me multiple different ways so I know they really get it!
 Of course we always have to add in a little technology.  One cutie asked me yesterday if they were allowed to use the app that practiced telling time.  Yes sweetie, that is fine :)

Speaking of technology I learned how to use these little beauties this week....
It's a Mimio Vote system.  Students use these responders or "clickers" to answer questions.  They can be True or False, Multiple Choice, or Yes/No Questions.  I thought it was going to be so complicated but it was really easy to link up with the system and just start asking questions.  I created a class so it saves all their answers so I can get instant results.  Awesome!

This came in yesterday.  8 Weeks of listening stations.  I'm so excited.  My listening station really needed a facelift!

Every once in awhile I flip a paper over when I'm grading papers and find something like this.  My goal as a teacher is to make a place kiddos want to come to every day and keep coming back to even after they are not my students anymore.  This picture made me smile, I love school too!
 That's my five for Friday!  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy your time with family.  Happy Teaching!