Peek at my Week: Week of March 31st

It's April Fool's Day this week.....are you planning anything?  I AM NOT!  Maybe I will make some weird treat to take in for Tuesday but I am thinking I want to keep it {calm} and {quiet} all week long.

Here is a peek at my {calm} and {quiet} week. 
Wink wink!
We will be finishing up our Cinderella Around the World unit this week by writing our opinion pieces about our favorite version of Cinderella.  I love reading their essays when they are done!  

Here are a few products I am using this week. 
Morning Word Work Reading Street Unit 4 (Week 6) by Learning with Mrs. Langley

Reading Street First Grade 4.6 Henry and Mudge by Look Who's in First Grade
March Madness Math Stations by Learning with Mrs. Langley

Cinderella Around the World by Learning with Mrs. Langley
Oh my gosh......I am literally exhausted just from posting the last three pictures.  My computer (probably internet) is being SO SLOW!  So I'm done!  I hope my Monday does not go like this and that YOUR week goes so much faster than my (I live in the sticks) internet!

Five for Friday!

This week flew by.....
Not being sarcastic...
I mean it.

It really did go fast and we had so many fun things happening!  Here is the link to Doodle Bugs Teaching if you want to link up too. :) 

#1  Math Centers:  I blogged about problem solving earlier this week (see the post here) and giving differentiated problems to the whole class.  It was very successful this week!  Here are my kiddos working in their journals solving their individualized problems.
 #2 We wrote our opinions about our favorite stories this week.  They did such a good job and their stories were so fun to listen to as we shared in Writer's Workshop.  

#3 Tutoring!
I tutor 3 days a week for reading intervention.  We have a service dog, Duncan, who has just started coming to read with the students.  They love it!  They can't wait to pick their favorite book to go read with him.  Our students {heart} Duncan!
#4 We have been reading all different versions of Cinderella this week.  Here are a few of our favorites so far: 

We have been using my Cinderella Around the World packet to respond to each book.  We have been writing about character, setting, and problem/solution this week.  They love these stories! 
 #5 Spring Cleaning!  My store is 20% off now through Monday!  It's time to clean out those wish lists! 

Already had a fun dinner with friends tonight, and now my blog is done for the night so it's time to kick back, watch Tangled, and relax!  
Love this movie :) 
 Love listening to my daughter sing all the songs even more!  
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to you!

Spring Cleaning!

I {usually} do a lot of Spring Cleaning during Spring Break but that was 2 weeks ago and I didn't even clean out a closet.  Such is life, and I'm ok with that!  Since I didn't do any personal spring cleaning I thought this was a perfect opportunity to make up for it! 



I have put my best sellers on sale March 28-31st so it's the perfect opportunity to clean out those wish lists!  Mine is always a mile long, so I appreciate a sale when they come along! 

Here are a few items that will be on sale:
You can click on any of the pics 
to browse my store. 
All my Morning Word Work Unit 1-5 (the bundle too!)

 I Can Sort Cut and Glue sorts (the bundle too!)
 First Grade Homework aligned to Reading Street High Frequency Words (4 Units on sale)

 Daily Math Review

 IB inspired units of inquiry:

 All my ELA and Math centers will be on sale too!

 I can't wait!  I'm finishing up this post and then I'm heading over to fill up my wish list!  Happy Teaching friends!

For the LOVE of reading! Freebie and our favorite books!

My heart was full today as we discussed our favorite books.  This is the time of year when everyone just takes off and my little firsties are just not so little anymore.  They are independent little learners and I begin to worry that they just don't need me anymore!  Well....I still am the boss of the bathroom pass so they need me for something :) 

We have been working on writing opinions in Writer's Workshop so today we wrote about our favorite book.  They LOVED this activity from Susan Jones- TGIF

Here are a few....

They loved giving reasons why they loved their books.  They did a really good job!

To top off such a great day of reading and reflection I came home to this wonderful post on my FB page.  
This made my day!  Now the funny thing is, there is no "challenge".  I simply send home a reading log and they record their time each week.  I read their total time at the end of the week and we applaud the top reader of the week.  This little guy takes it SERIOUSLY :)  He has been the top reader every week since we started this little tradition!

Here is a link to the reading log I send home.  You can get it for FREE here!

Hope your Wednesday was as great as mine!  Happy Reading to you!

Tech Tuesday

Do you use technology in the classroom?  I couldn't live without it!  Today I will be posting all about how I integrate technology with my morning reading block time. 

First off, the basics.  I know it all depends on how much technology you have in the classroom and every room is different but I am here to tell you it REALLY depends on how you put it to use.  Ask for what you need, try out new things, and don't be afraid to apply for a grant here or there to get new technology for your classroom.  It pays off!

I have 2 classroom computers and an {ancient} laptop that was donated to my classroom 3 years ago.  I am super thankful for that ancient laptop, it does what I need it to do!  I have been lucky enough to get 5 iPads this year through grants and tax credits.   My district has licenses with Lexia and Read Naturally and I use both.  This is how I put them to work for me in the classroom:

8:00-8:30:  Group 1 Lexia
5 students work on the iPads through the Lexia program.  It focuses on reading foundation skills. 
4 students work on Read Naturally on the computers (I use my teacher laptop for 1 student)

The ancient laptop!  Gets the job done!

8:30-9:00 Group 2
5 more students on Lexia
4 more students on Read Naturally

9:00-9:30 Group 3
5 more students on Lexia
4 more students on Read Naturally

It gets a little crazy at times but we get what we need from these programs!  With this schedule (that took a LOT of tinkering before I got it down) each student gets to participate in both programs twice a week.  My intervention kids get more time on Lexia as it works mainly on the foundational skills. Read Naturally focuses on oral reading fluency and increasing reading comprehension skills.  I love that it uses all nonfiction texts.  My kiddos love that part too!

While these kiddos are on the computers I am working in small groups, my kiddos are doing Read to Self or Word Work as part of our Daily Five routine.  It works like clockwork!  If I changed it up my kiddos would be so sad. 

There you go for technology Tuesday.  To finish up this post I want to share a few websites I love that do not require any licensing.  Here you go....they are all great!

Tomorrow is humpday.  
Happy Teaching to you!

Math Monday: Problem Solving

We have been all about problem solving in our classroom this year.  I have centered my math instruction time around using math journals, solving problems, sharing strategies, and using math stations to enhance essential skills.  I have NEVER felt better about math!  I love giving my kiddos an opportunity to work independently (think for themselves), work with a partner (math games), and practice skills (scoot activities and other fun stations).  

Last week I tried something new (for me) but it was something I had been wanting to try for a long while.  I write a new problem of the day each day but it is the same for every student.  We all know that some of our kiddos still need smaller numbers but there are some that could use a challenge.  Here is the answer: 
This question was part of my March Madness Math Stations packet.  See the number choices?  CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) taught me that you can give students choices.  My kiddos decide which set of numbers they would use and then they write their numbers in the blanks.  Then they solve it!  I loved hearing my class decide which set of numbers they would use!  I sit down with a small group to work on journals, today I had 5 students that wanted to solve it with me.  The rest of the class gets to work on their own and then heads off to a math station when they finish.  I have 5 minutes or so to walk around and look at all the journals and see how they are doing.  At the end of math stations we get together and share how we solved the problem.  Here is one cutie sharing her strategy....
She picked the numbers (15,7) and explained that she drew 15 circles and crossed out 7 because 7 bags of popcorn were sold.  She ended up with 8. (They write a number sentence and a complete sentence in their journal)

I am loving this new spin on math!  Picking our own numbers to customize our problem solving is so fun!  

Quick shout out to GoNoodle today too.  It's my new favorite place to play when we have 5 minutes to celebrate a good day!  You should head over and create a FREE account now! :) 
This will encourage my kiddos to "win" on our scoreboard every day!  They loved it!

Happy Monday and Happy Teaching to you!

Peek at my Week March 24th

Well this weekend was a short one, aren't they all?  I enjoyed every second of it but alas now we must plan for the week ahead.  I think it's going to be a good one!

Here is a peek at my visual plans for the week! (you can click on the pic to see in Google docs)

Here is a recap of what I will be teaching this week along with the products I'll be using!

Daily 5: Word Work
We will be focusing on compound words this week and the vowel digraphs ue, ew, and ui.  Our morning starts with these daily word work pages:
I think they are going to love the activities this week!  You can link up to this product {here} or by clicking on the picture.

I'm also using Look Who's in First Grade's Reading Street First Grade Unit 4.5 word work centers.  They have saved me this year.  I don't think I could have transitioned into teaching Reading Street without them! 

Read to Self/ Read to Someone:
During Read to Self and Read to Someone we will be focusing on the Big Idea.  Small groups will focus on this as well. 

Writer's Workshop: 
In Writers Workshop we will continue to write our opinions.  This week we will have a series of "Would you rather" activities that will help them make some choices about their opinions.  Our focus will be to use a graphic organizer to plan their writing and then to use that to write their draft.  This is working up to a summative assessment next week. 

Math Stations:  
Yes, we are still knee deep in March Madness stations and the kiddos are loving it!
Cinderella Around the World:  Our IB unit right now is How We Express Ourselves and our central idea is that different versions of the same story can teach us about different cultures.  We have a lot of Cinderella stories to read this week!
  That's our week!  Thanks for stopping by for a peek at my week!