Five for Friday


Five for Friday....finally!  What a weird week this has been.  It's funny how we rely on schedules, it should tell us something about keeping our schedule with the kiddos.  We had Tuesday off for Veteran's day which had me MESSED UP all week long.  I ended the week with a little PD today which messed me up even more.  None the's my Five for Friday! 

#1 Reading:
Wowza!  We are readers.  Really honest to goodness readers!  My kiddos are sounding EVERYTHING out and they are having a ball during Read to Self time.  I love, love, love it!
 I do not "pose" my kids for these pictures.  I just grab my phone when I see a moment that needs to be captured.  Sometimes I walk around at the end of Read to Self to take a few pictures just because we are having such a great day.  It makes my heart happy :) 
#2 Science
We were super happy to see that our seeds actually sprouted this week!  We planted grass last week as part of our Sharing the Planet unit.  They were amazed to see little blades of grass shooting out of their cups this week.  So fun to explore such a simple thing in Kinder. 
This was an up close shot from the doc cam.  It was cool to see the alfalfa sprouting along side the grass.  They noticed the seed coat and made the connection that some of the alfalfa had the "left over" seed at the top and some had leaves.  Fun!

#3 Math
I read a blog earlier this week about a domino game to count to 100 from Mrs. VanMeter. (link to her product HERE)
It got me thinking about an activity I could do with my kiddos as we are using the 100's chart every day and working on our one to one correspondence.  I grabbed some dominos and gave it a go.  They LOVED it! 

When I walked up to this lovely I knew she had a strategy I just couldn't figure out why she had lined up her dominos and crayons this way.  After a minute (or two :) ) I realized she was keeping track of each of her "turns".  She colored each domino in a different color and kept track as she went.  Brilliant! 

The Kiwanas came in this week with "Literacy Backpacks" to share with the kiddos.  Each student got a back pack and a cool book.  They were so excited!  We had to do an extra Read to Someone session just to share books with our friends.  It was precious! 

This is totally much of my life......but I was walking around my room and thinking of all the "buckets" I have.  Do you store things in your room in "buckets" as I love to call them?  We use dishpans for EVERYTHING!  Math manipulatives, books, small group supplies, name it and I have it in a bucket.  I planned on doing an "organization" post but this is as close as I will get this week! 
That's my Five for Friday.  Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to enjoy more random Five for Friday posts!  For those that are new to blogging it is a GREAT way to get acquainted with new bloggers, find people you are interested in following, and discover new teaching ideas.  My favorite part about blogging! Have fun!