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Five for Friday: November 21


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Math Workshop was a wonderful addition to my routine this week. I already had a workshop model...however I added Deanna Jump and Deedee Will's Guiding Kinders units.  Wonderful!  I blogged about them here :)  This week has been so productive, I finally feel like we are in our groove during math time!

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Do you ever just sit back during reading time and watch?  I am so happy to see my kiddos sharing their books (with enthusiasm!) and I love their excitement as they come to meet with me for small group.  I invite them to take the books from our little caddy (pictured above) when they have independent reading time once we have read them together.  It makes my heart happy when I see them grabbing from the small group books when they have the opportunity to read to self.  They are so excited to be reading!

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Centers were fantastic this week and I am happy to know they are spilling over to next week (thank goodness for a 6 day rotation).  Less planning, and more independent work!

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Things go wrong sometimes....really wrong.  I had a near fail with centers when I wasn't totally prepped for our new rotation (I was saved though!) but yesterday I had a major fail.....with 23 little pairs of eyes watching.  I put off our big book reading of Little Quack (and  they were totally looking forward to it) and I couldn't find it.....like anywhere!  I guess last years teacher misplaced this one from the big book box (or it is hiding.....somewhere!)  I quickly grabbed a book to read instead but it DID NOT go with my lesson.  Lesson learned.  Check the big book box before teaching the lesson.  ARG!

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Ahhhhh......Thanksgiving break!  We only get 3 days off next week (I only say that because I know a lot of you get the whole week) but I am thrilled to get to spend some time with family and enjoying yummy food at my mom's house. I will NOT be working on anything school related.....maybe....for atleast a day or so.....well...we'll see!