Five for Faturday...and a freebie math game!

I have a feeling there will be a lot of Five for Faturdays out there this week, it was a busy week but we made it! Even if you are late, be sure to link up with Doodlebugs the end of this post :).....or just head over to see what's going on out there! 
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Problem of the day took a little break while we introduced Question of the Day (which was also a big hit!).  I was happy to get back to it this week though.  They LOVE this activity in their journals!  I pick one kiddo to be the "Problem of the Day" (hehe) and they get to pick the topic (their very favorite thing) and then we make up a problem together.  Everyone gets a copy to put in their journal and we solve it!  We discuss our strategies and practice using things like tally marks and labeling our solutions with numbers to show our counting. Here are some examples:
It never fails....I catch grammar mistakes after the fact.  It's the danger of making them quickly with the kiddos, but they don't know the difference and the pay off is huge! 
Emily solving Emily's problem....they love being the Problem of the Day!
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 Math tubs got a little face lift this week too.  We have been working on measuring and the adjectives "longer" and "shorter" in our Investigations unit.  We are also working on counting to 100 so I pulled out the good ol counting bears and made a couple of measuring bins.  Math tubs have saved my sanity this year! 
 This took about 10 seconds to put together.......dump bears in a tub........throw 100's chart on top......wala!  Math tub done!
 This one took a bit longer but it is a fan favorite for sure.  I labeled multiple items from around the room that would be longer and shorter than a stack of 10 cubes.  The recording sheet comes from our Investigations program. 
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 Red Ribbon week!  It was great fun to dress up this week.  We had sports shirt Monday, Twin Tuesday, PJ's Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Wear Red Friday.  I was a bit skeptical about Throwback Thursday for Kinders but they did a fantastic job dressing up!  We had kiddos dressed from the Renaissance period, Pioneers, Old West, 50's, 60's, and of course my favorite.....the 80's!  Very creative parents out hats off to them for making this fun! (Plus we don't dress up for Halloween so they really went all out!) 
This kiddo was an old west sheriff and got into character during Writer's Workshop and wrote about riding his horse.  I love his picture! (and we just started writing out our sentences last week....the kiddos are doing an amazing job!)
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We had our Advanced Ed review this week and it can be kind of stressful to know unknown people are coming around to observe classrooms.  Not all classrooms are visited, it's kind of random (I guess), but this time I had someone come into my room.  She was there for about 20 minutes or so but I am happy to report my lesson went great (in my opinion!) and my kiddos were right on point (thank goodness!)  We introduced the concept of compare with this fun game.  You can "grab" the grab and compare recording sheet by clicking on it below! (the freebie includes my Writer's Workshop page....bonus!)
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 Last but not least....Mrs. Apple!  I blogged about her fun apple lesson she came in and shared with my kiddos a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday she came to the school with her dance group and performed to Thriller for the kiddos.  The kiddo's jawa dropped open when I told them she was really Mrs. Apple!  She looked so spooky! 
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Have a great weekend friend!