Currently November :)

November is one of the best months! So much to be thankful for!

November Currently is up!
Listening: It's Saturday night!
Loving: We literally wake up the 1st of November to cooler weather in AZ.  Yes.  It takes that long!
Thinking: I've been reading a lot about the struggles of teachers in different states.  We have our own here at home, but tonight I am thinking about the struggles of teachers across the country. It's time for things to change, I don't know why that is so hard to see?
Wanting: I know you all pulled out your fall wardrobes weeks ago but it's just now cooling down here.  I just realized I need to make sure I have pants to wear in the coming weeks! (this might actually be a need!)
Needing: I guess I should just say pants!  Really though, I don't need anything but my supportive husband, my beautiful girls, my family, and my health.  Nothing else :)
Reading: The Unwanteds for my Teachers as Readers group.  We met about it last week (so I know the ending :( ) but I still need to finish it!

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