The Final Countdown...Peek at my Week

Ok, in full disclosure's not the final countdown.  However it is the last week before FALL BREAK!  I made it through my first quarter back in Kindergarten and I have a few quick reflections for those that have been following this journey:
1. I love Kindergarten.
2. Kindergarten is exhausting.
3. I love Kindergarten. 

With that in mind :) 
let's take a quick peek at our week!

I feel a little "behind" (are we ever really caught up?)  but I really am just hitting my groove here.  We are in full swing APPLE mode and I know that should have come weeks ago as a true September theme.  Next year I will be better...maybe. So when we get back from break we will do a quick little PUMPKIN unit and then move on to animals in our Plants and Animals unit that corresponds with our Reading Street curriculum, FOSS kit, and IB unit.  I'm working to align everything this year and it's a big job!  That being said we have some fun activities planned for the week to wrap up apples!

As always I start my mornings with Kindergarten Morning Work Unit 2.
I will also use some of the centers and activities from my Reading Street Unit 2 Week 3 Unit: Animal Babies in Grasslands.  Write the room, the listening station, and adjectives activities will be from this unit.  I also use the Question of the Week posters and standards for my focus wall.
Once again I am using centers in math and word work from Pencils, Glue, and Centers too from The Printable Princess.  My kiddos are really enjoying these centers!
 Click on the picture to see it in her store!

I'm also using the Scrappy Kids Alphabet chart from Greg at Kindergarten Smorgasboard in Writer's Workshop this week. Click HERE to see his post about how he uses the chart in his room. Last week I used Writer's Workshop to introduce Phoneme Segmentation as we started sounding out words.  This week we will connect our alphabet chart to finding the sounds we hear.  I love this one and my kiddos love Dr. Jean's Alphardy song so they know every. single. sound.  Awesome! 

For Wacky Wednesday I am using Apple Science from Reagan Tunstall, Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.  This is a new purchase I'm super excited about! Wacky Wednesday is going to be a blast!
Click on the picture to see it in her store! 

Something else I have planned for math doesn't have a link...yet.  I'm trying something new and if it works out I might post it.  I might.  I have to like it first which is never a guarantee.  

Question of the day....  Investigations has a Question of the Day built into the curriculum.  We usually just do these as a group and then that's it....there's not much more that goes along with it. (Well, actually there is a ton that goes along with data collection but not in my routine right now...hence the problem)  When I taught Kindergarten before my room walls ran out of space for the huge graphs that we had all throughout the room.  
Yes....but I want to make these a little more personal for the kiddos.  

Insert Math Journals Here...

Yes, math journals.  Have I mentioned that I love them? We have our routine down pat so now I think we can incorporate the question of the day into our journals.  These usually come up about twice a week in the curriculum.   So I made these half sheets to glue into our journals so kiddos can record our class responses.  Will this be a challenge? Yes, I expect it to be pretty difficult the first day. But I know if I stick with it they will do great!
Imagine the possibilities....predictions, counting, recording, comparing, just to name a few.  If they work and I actually stick with it I will finish the file and make them available.  :) Stay tuned!  If you would like the first few for on the picture to get them via Google Drive.

Also in math we are using our usual Investigations Centers (Roll and Record and Build It) but I'm also going to include an additional center in math this week and use Deedee Wills "How About Them Apples" counting book.  She had it a few weeks ago in her links for free.  You can check out her post by clicking HERE.

That's it!  Also did I mention I'll be giving math and ELA assessments to 46 kinders this week too?  My fault for not being prepared, but I expect with all of the fun centers and activities that I will have a TON of time to give assessments. Right?  That's the plan anyway!  

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