Five for Friday: October 3

 Can I get a woot woot?  This week was very full of activity both at home and at school.  It's time for a little time off!

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I love independence!  Our morning word work just flows so nicely now that we have learned all about independence. (Thanks Daily Five!)  I work with a group while they all work quietly around the room on super important skills.  It {almost} always goes smoothly! 
 We did honest to goodness Read to Someone this week too with our Apple Books as we introduced our Plants and Animals unit.  They loved it! (Right now our usual Read to Someone is fluency practice).  I will have to let them partner up more often!
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We started our plant unit this week and I did one day of science with my kiddos (just trying to fit it all into a half day program!)  We talked about the parts of a plant, how to plant an apple tree (Thanks Mr. Harry!) and used our science journals to draw a picture of a seedling including roots, soil, stem, and leaves.  
The next day a kiddo brought me this.
Did someone tell him that the way to his teachers heart was to take home his learning and make connections?  Well, he has won me over! 
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Math journals were a big hit this week with the introduction of the problem of the day. (I refer to a kid as the "problem of the day"....that doesn't mean they are a problem, it means we get to solve their problem!)  I write these on the fly to make sure the problem of the day is current and really MEANS something to the kiddos.  This gal wanted to write about ice cream.  (Please excuse the horrible grammar, I noticed after I printed them out!)

The important part right now is not about adding numbers.  It is all about counting and recording and we get a little numeral writing practice each day too with the answer at the bottom.  They are really getting the hang of it!
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 Oh man I missed Kindergarten!  I forgot how much fun it was to collect all the words to match the letter of the week.  They try to think of words that are difficult for me to draw AND they try to get me to run out of room.  This week they succeeded! Any tips on what to draw for sin? 

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On the homefront we had a big week.  My middle little had senior night at a home swim meet and my little little had a home game the same night.  I love watching them do what they love! 

ONE MORE WEEK until Fall Break!  Do you get a Fall Break?  I'm super thankful that I do!

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