Five for Friday: Back from Break...phew!

My goal for blogging was that I would blog at least once a week (Five for Friday is great for that!).  Well...I've fallen off the wagon for a bit but I am thrilled to have a little bit to share after being back in school after a WONDERFUL fall break! 

Five for Friday time!

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Coming back from break I was READY for my kiddos to start writing.  We have spent the last 10 weeks learning about what writers do, routines, and using tools.  We are ready!  This week was all about writing out our stories with pictures and words.  I was AMAZED!  Not only at how much better their pictures were telling stories but also the attempts to write.  Wow, I love Kinder! 

This was just one of my favorites from the week.  This little guy got up for share time and said, "I am fighting a dragon to save my girlfriend."  Check it out:
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This week was all about the letter C.  We made our poster and these kiddos continue to amaze me with their ideas!  During write the room they have the opportunity to write the letter C words on our dry erase pockets.  

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I turned our computer station into a standing station.  I figured it would encourage them to stay a little more I'm out of chairs.  They actually love it! 

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Speaking of chairs.....I needed some for my small group area. Yes, I made more of those bench chairs that have been floating around for ages on Pinterest.  They are my absolute favorite thing because they double as storage! 

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Did you see the solar eclipse on Thursday?  We had a short staff meeting in the afternoon and a cool teacher brought her welding mask so we could all check it out.  It was pretty cool! 
Not much of an eventful week but it was good to be back.  Just getting back into routines and getting our feet wet again with all this learning.  I was TIRED each night and I know my kinders were too.  As for the weekend.....math class.....again.  Ugh.  I'm NOT looking forward to it but it is the last one so I will be happy, happy, happy, when it is over! Have a great weekend and someone PLEASE sleep in for me!