Currently: OCTOBER!

Guess what October means?  Fall Break!  I am not counting down the hours or anything (ok maybe I am) but I am in need of a little break!  The first 9 weeks of school of kicked my.....bottom.  This is Kindergarten afterall.

It's that wonderful time of the month that we in bloggy world wait for, Currently!  I love seeing what everyone else is up to because, let's face it, 
I'm nosy.

Listening: To post season baseball on the tube.  When your husband is a huge baseball fan, you are a somewhat, sort of baseball fan.  Really though, it is my favorite sport to watch on TV and even more in person.

Loving: I am LOVING the progress of my kiddos this year.  The first week of school I would have never imagined that Kinders could do so much.  I've set the expectations high and they are getting there!  My principal walked through the other day and said it looked just like first grade. :)  Well....maybe on the outside but we still cry about.....just about everything.
Thinking:  I have a ZILLION projects I want to work on over Fall Break.  They roll through my mind constantly and I can't wait to just get started.

Wanting: I always need motivation.  To get work done, to work out, to work on projects around the house.  I'm wanting the motivation to get it all done!

Needing: I think the motivation to work out would come back if I had my Fitbit back.  I lost it-dumb!  I'm asking for one for Christmas.  Maybe then I'll be motivated.

Treat: October Ten Frames!  I made them just for you!

I also have this fun freebie in my store that will help spread the Halloween spirit at your school: 
Have you ever heard of being Boo'd?
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