Workshop Wednesday: Word Work and Math Tubs!

What's happening in Kindergarten?  Well....there's this....
I ran across this fun hashtag (on Instagram) from Tales From Outside the Classroom and I thought, "I could post one of these every day!"  I recently saw some advice to new teachers to keep a journal of all the funnies they hear in the classroom.  Seriously, I could write a book!

Pencil top erasers are a new found "fun" item in the classroom.  We had to to talk a bit about them today...

Here's some pics of centers in the classroom this week.  I only wish we had more time!  I would love to get through a couple of rotations a day....we only do one rotation a day. 

Word Work: 

These have been fun.  I introduced these 2 weeks ago in an effort to save paper.  They LOVE using the dry erase markers on these clear pouches from Lakeshore.  I didn't think they would stay a favorite....but they are the first to go every day. 
 The playdough mats are also a big hit.   We had to talk a little bit about not rolling the dough on the carpet....they are working on it.  Overall they have been a huge success!
 They worked SO well I made a set for my store.  If you are a loyal follower you know I linked to a set a little bit ago as a freebie I was trying out (in black and white)  but this set has color and the playdough recipe. ;) Click on the pic to see it in my store.
Our alphabet charts are also a big hit.  They quietly sing Dr. Jean's song to themselves as they are doing it.  GREAT sound and letter practice! 

Math Tubs: 
We added in the 10 frame cards...
They love them!  Busy little counters during math tub time! 

Other stuff....
Can I go to the bathroom?  Ugh.  That dreaded question.  It always comes when you are expecting the best answer ever after you have poured your heart and soul into delivering the most exciting lesson ever.  I can't stand that question!  I saw this on Pinterest (somewhere...sorry, no link to give you!)  and it is working like a charm. 
 My rule is anytime during worktime (NOT lesson time) they can grab the pass, put it at their seat, and then go to the bathroom.  They don't need permission, they don't need to ask, they don't need to say anything, (did I mention they don't need to tell me?) and the just go.  Independently.  On their own.  Just like at home.  (cue angels singing here...)

And I can easily see who is gone...because it's at their seat. 

It's working.  For the most part!  I still have those kiddos that need permission to do everything and convincing them that they can do this on their own has been a little bit of a challenge but overall our classroom is finally working at a nice pace without too many disruptions.  The best part?  One boy pass and one girl pass equals only one at the bathroom at a time so that cuts down on any horseplay in the bathroom.   I love it!

Half way through the week.  I had a LATE night last night driving my daughter and her friends to the One Direction concert and didn't get home until about 1 am.  I do not suggest teaching Kindergarten the day after that!  I made it though!  Thanks to my mom for going with me and keeping me company while we waited out the concert (shopping and at PF Changs...yum!)  and for keeping me up on the long drive home.  I'm going to bed early tonight! 

Night all!  It's all down hill from here!