Technology Tuesday

I am BEAT today!  Literally BEAT!
I didn't work that hard today, as a matter of fact my students did most of the work...

I am still tired today.  Maybe it's just the lag after a 3 day weekend! 

Technology helps me so much in the classroom.  I shared how to create Youtube play lists a few weeks back and this is helping me have things "handy" in the classroom.  Having a 30 second video or song on que is a big help in the classroom!

Today my Technology Tuesday tip is all about using technology to make your life EASIER.  It can be easier people, I promise. 

Don't have technology in the classroom?  Get some speakers to hook up to your computer (even Goodwill has these, I've seen them hanging out there) and set up a play list on You Tube (or Teacher Tube if you school has too many firewalls) and keep them open in a window to play whenever you need them.  

I use Dr. Jean's Alphardy song to start out our Read to Self session (because we are working on letter sounds) and I use Harry's Kindergarten songs to make transitions.  I keep my computer logged in and up front all day so we can access these sites easily.

This might not seem like a HUGE Technology Tuesday tip...but it's made all the difference for me this year.  Especially because I have 46 Kinders rotating through my room on a daily basis.  I need things to be easy, accessible, and useful!  My kiddos love the songs and they all participate!