Peek at My Week: September 29

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday, so first off--Happy Birthday Sis!

Secondly....I don't have a lot of new planning happening right now because I spent all weekend in a professional development math class and I'm beat!  Signing up for a math class that included a Saturday AND a Sunday was a BAD idea! 
Actually...clever planning last week makes for easy planning this week.  I started a new round of math stations last week and word work and we have 8 rotations.  We are only half way through so I can't switch anything out yet.  CLEVER!  It saves my sanity for sure! 

Here is a quick, quick, quick, peek at my week that looks very much like my last week! 

Our new Reading Street Unit this week is called Nature Spy.  I plan on introducing our FOSS kit this week also, Plants and Animals.  Fingers crossed that it shows up in my classroom Monday afternoon like I planned.  We are going to investigate seeds like a "nature spy" to go with our story for the week. 

Here is the unit I will be pulling from:

Don't forget to check out The Printable Princess that I showed last week.  I'm pulling more centers from her creations to implement next week.  I can't wait to show you those!

Also....just in case you were wondering.  I finished up October Homework and the first week of Unit 3.  I'm trying to get the first half of the year done between now and the middle of October.  That way we can all sit back and relax knowing the files are ready! 

Here's a link to each of these new products. Click on the pic!

Now it's time for a little football so I can recharge for tomorrow!  No more professional development on my schedule until late October....thank heavens! 

Now it's your up with Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to take a peek or link up your own visual lesson plans!