Peek at my Week September 22

It's small group week!  Finally we have all of our procedures in place so we are independent enough to get down to the real work.  What a relief to have those first 6 weeks behind us (when all the growing pains happen in Kindergarten!)

Here is a Peek at my Week:  TONS of exciting things happening this week!
Here is a little run down of what we will be doing during each session with links to products included: 

Morning Work: 
We are starting Unit 2 in our Reading Street curriculum and that means even more independence during Morning Work.  Kiddos complete these on their own as soon as they walk in the door.  They include a review of the letter of the week (this week it is A), the sight words for the week (both a review of words we have already learned and an intro to new words), and a grammar skill (this week we are focusing on adding -s to a noun to mean more than one).
 Click on the pictures to see this in my store. 

Word Work: 
The next session of our day is also an independent work time.  As soon as students finish their morning work they head off to a station.  Tomorrow I am introducing assigned stations (we have explored for the last 4 or 5 weeks to learn all the options).  I am assigning stations now because our Title I aide comes in during this time and is meeting with 2 groups and I am starting small group instruction too.  So now 6 groups will have a station and 2 groups at a time will be meeting with a teacher.  Oh man I hope it goes smooth the first day! 

Here are our stations: 
Write the room:
Students complete these with a dry erase marker on a page protector.  It cuts down on copies (yay!) and they LOVE using the dry erase markers.  I think they will be excited for the added element to write words from around the room that start with A!  These are included in my Flowers Reading Street Unit 2 Week 1 creation.

ABC Center: 
I'm so excited about this new purchase!  I bought Pencils, Glue and Centers Too by The Printable Princess and it is LOADED with wonderful ABC center goodness.  (and math too!)  My ABC Center this week is a Uppercase/Lowercase match up from this packet. Click HERE to see it in her store.  It is amazing!

Listening Station: 
We will be listening to Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed this week.  It's a pretty long story so I am not using a response sheet this week.  This will give us a good foundation to get started with our plant unit on Wednesday. :) 

Cut and Glue Station: 
I MUST include a cut and glue station each week because my kiddos love it!  This cut and glue activity is also from The Printable Princess.  I told you that packet was amazing!

Computer Station: 
I only have 3 computers in my room but my kiddos love the games from the Pearson site that go along with our Reading Street curriculum.  This week I will introduce a new game that focuses on Uppercase and Lowercase letters.  It's kind of like the whack a mole game so I think they are really going to "dig" it.  :) 

Build a Word: 
I created these a few weeks ago and I am slowly integrating them into my weekly centers.  I'm not selling them yet, just trying to work out the kinks.  In all honesty I was just trying to create something to use with those little white letter tiles you get with Reading Street that the kiddos can use easily.  It's working so far.  They look like this:
They have been ok....just ok so far.  I'm hoping to find a few more things for them to do with the tiles before I make a whole unit with them.  You are welcome to click on the picture and get the first few pages I've made so far via Google Drive.  I'd love any suggestions you have!

Phew!  That was a lot!  The rest of my day goes pretty smoothly now that we are into our routine.  After centers we do read to self (this is when I do another round of small groups and the kiddos read on their own. Here's a quick organization tip for small group instruction.  Get yourself one of these:
 I found this shower caddy at Walmart today for $1.50!  I'm banned from spending any money on my classroom but who could pass that up? It is perfect to fit my small group materials (leveled readers) and there is a perfect spot for writing tools so I can meet with a group anywhere I want to. It's so much easier to get small groups done when you have everything you need at hand! 
In Writer's Workshop this week we are introducing using a resource (our friends name resource).  This one is used all year long....they love writing about their friends!  

Wednesday I'm introducing Wacky Wednesday (because it will be a disruption to our regular schedule) but it is for a good cause!  We will start our first science unit this week so Wednesday will be all about science.  Our first unit is on Plants and Animals (right now we will focus on plants) and there will be more to come on this later in the week!  

Math is rolling right along with our math journals and math tubs.  I will introduce our problem of the day this week featuring a kiddo each day (they LOVE this!)  They don't realize it....but we are really just introducing addition story problems :) My math problem of the day looks like this....
I cut them up and we glue them into our math journals and then draw a picture to solve the problem.  Tomorrow will be our first day so it will be ALL about learning how to glue down the problem. :)

Once we get the procedure down it makes math journal time pain free!  They work on the problem, they raise their hand to get it checked, and then they head off to a math tub for extra skills practice.  Perfect! No one is sitting bored waiting because they are "done"....they just finish and move on to the next thing.  No boredom allowed here!

Oh my this has been a long post...can you tell I'm excited about the week ahead?  I am!  Now head on over to Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to see what's up in bloggy land and get some more ideas for visual lesson plans (or just some great ideas for your classroom)!