Peek at my Week September 15

Peek at my Week!
It is week 7 already (but I call it week 6...I never ever count that first week!) 
Click on the pic to download my lesson plans!

We are officially finishing up our first unit in Kindergarten this week.  Where did the time go?  We've been so busy learning our procedures I guess I wasn't paying attention!

Here are the products I will using this week:
Click on the pictures to see them in my store. :) of my word work centers and listening station response sheet are coming from Dig Dig Digging, my Unit 1 Week 6 centers to support Reading Street.  There are also all the standards posters and Question of the Week poster to match the week too.  
Sad story....I don't even print those out!  Not right now anyway.  I've been without a color printer for a few weeks so my centers all have to be in black and white.  I'm making it work but it's just been,  well...blah.  I wrote a Donors Choose project this weekend for a Laser Printer.  I'm on pins and needles waiting to see if it posts or if I get feedback. 
You can check it out HERE....when it posts!

One of my centers is an ABC play dough center.  I've been playing around with the creation of these ABC play dough mats (notice they are in black and white!)  and you can try them out by reading my post from Friday HERE
Or just click on the picture!
I'm also reading a new book this week for Writer's Workshop.  Rocket Writes a Story is an adorable book about Rocket the Dog and how he decides to write a story. (Focus is on choosing a topic). It is PERFECT for our Writer's Workshop lessons this week.  HERE is a link to the story on Youtube, I'm just going to do a good ole' fashion read aloud. 
 He is my new favorite little dog!

Math has been super exciting with the addition of our math tubs and this week we are breaking out the dice!  I know they are going to flip their lids when I introduce Roll and Record (from our Investigation series).  

My focus for them this week is introducing the procedure of rolling the dice (in the tub so they don't go all over).  Here are our math tubs just in case you wonder what I'm talking about!
 They should be able to keep the dice in these huge tubs, right?

I also added ten frames to our counting/sorting tubs to get them organizing their numbers on the ten frame cards.  This will open up a whole new world in counting!

I got my ten frames (for FREE!) from the fabulous Alessia Albanese and they are perfect.  I printed them onto cardstock and laminated them so they will last FOREVER!  I also put a numbered sticker on the back for each tub just in case we get crazy and they get mixed up.  You can see her blog post HERE or get to her TPT store by clicking on the picture.

That's it! (I think)...I'm sure I'll think of a million other things throughout the week but this will get me started.  Honestly teaching a half day program there is very little else I can get going in one day.  I do have HUGE plans for an iPad project this week to get the kiddos talking about new vocabulary words.  I'm hoping all my plans work out and I can make it happen!  It will be a fun post to share for sure.  Stay tuned! up with Deedee at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten!