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Peek at my Week: Parent Teacher Conferences

My week looks very empty....boring almost.  Rest assured we will be working hard all week, my schedule just looks a little bare because it's time for Parent Teacher Conferences. Hooray! 

I have 2 classes, so that's 46 parents to meet with.  Because of this I get Thursday and Friday to meet with parents all day and a sub to cover my class (and I got a great sub so I'm ok with that!).  Thanks admin for understanding we can't do it ALL!

I didn't add my sub plans in because, well, I just haven't figured it all out yet.

Here you go, take a peek! 

We have early release on Thursday and Friday so my sub only has my kiddos 1/2 day.  It will be interesting to see how my kiddos do with a sub, I plan on getting them ready all week for a guest teacher so we will be on our best behavior! 

I'm in the process of trying out some new centers and will be posting about those throughout the week.  I made some simple "black and white" centers just to try out the activities and then if they work well for me I will start creating some "cute" versions. I like to try it out first on real kiddos before I make a color ink commitment!

Most of what we are doing this week will be from my Reading Street units. 

and morning work....

That's a little peek at my week.  Now check out Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to see what's happening in Kinder land.

AND....if you tweet....I'm joining in the conversation on Monday night using the hashtag #kinderchat.  This is new for me, I'm trying to be a risk taker and try new things.  Tuesday night I will be joining #teacherfriends.  That is if I survive Monday!  You should join in with me so I'm not the only newbie out there! 

Have a great week friends!