Math Station Wednesday!

Math Stations! Oh man!  Things are going great!

Last week I labeled our math tubs so I could start being a little more organized with them.  Right now we are still using our 15 minute math tub time as exploration time but the last 2 days I have given the "suggestion" that math tubs are used for counting or sorting.  That's all I said.  Here's what I got today instead of the usual "play time". 

There were students everywhere counting blocks, sorting materials, and creating patterns.  I think this means we are ready for some real math stations.  Our math program has them "exploring" materials for while but I think I'm over that!  However it was fun to see what they came up with today. 

A few ideas for using math stations: 

#1-Find a spot and organize it.  These tubs were about $2.00 at Walmart (dish pan section).  I had them left over from my library this year and turned them into math tubs. 
I labeled them with my Cricut and some Modge Podge. 
#2-Get some rugs! We use rugs from a local rug store (old samples) and we use the rugs to organize our math station spaces.  They HAVE TO work on a rug.  The materials stay on the rug and 2 kiddos share a rug.  It automatically creates partners and it keeps all the materials in one place! 

Those are the two tips that have helped me so far.  My {dream} math station time would be students all over the room working independently on meaningful activities.  I think I'm about half way there!