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Five for Friday

Phew!  Made it!  Five for Friday!

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It was national talk like a pirate day.  What a fun day to be at school....but I was not.  
Professional Development anyone?  
I don't even have a boring picture of the table I stared at all day long.  I hate dislike very much being away from my kiddos and this was not the perfect way to end the week.  However it is nice to recharge and collaborate with other teachers.  
I got some of that today!

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Have I mentioned before that I love math journals?  (yes...yes I have)  
I LOVE math journals!  
We are seamlessly integrating our math journals with our Investigations curriculum.  It's so much fun!  AND it gives me a lot of time to work one on one with kiddos that need it and let the littles go that DON'T need it so they don't get bored.

This week our Investigations lessons centered around creating a "counting book".  We have a "book"....aka journal... right in front of us every day so I am using our journals to create counting books.  They are doing an awesome job on these!
This is an example of "10" and "11".  We are focusing on labeling our pictures (with numbers) to show how we can count.  Lot of things happening here....counting, recording, writing numbers, and name practice (we write our names at the top of the page).  I call that a win, win, win, win! 
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 I think I'm finally in my Kindergarten groove!  We pulled out the letter of the week anchor chart and the kiddos came up with some amazing letter T words.  We have spent the first 6 weeks focusing on ALL the letters, now we will have a letter of the week for a little while :)

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   Do you GoNoodle?  We do!  Everyday between Writer's Workshop and Math we stretch it out to Maximo on GoNoodle.  I was shocked to find out this week some people didn't know about this amazing resource.  You MUST check it out! 
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Pencils drive me crazy.  Erasers really drive me crazy!  I know everyone has that one "thing" that makes them lose their mind in the classroom and pencils (and maybe bathroom breaks and water bottles) make me crazy~  Those pencil top erasers are the worst.  And this week we had to discuss not sticking them up our noses.  I've also had to have the "we don't suction cup them to our faces" talk.  I think I might be getting rid of the pencil top erasers by Monday.   Check out Tales from Outside the Classroom's link on Instagram for a LOT of fun #todayisaid posts.  So much fun to hear about what REALLY happens in the classroom each day! Just search the hashtag #todayisaid.  

I can't wait to get back to it on Monday.  I really missed my kiddos today.  It's no fun to be away from them but I think they were in good hands with the sub. :)  Have a great weekend!