Five for Friday: Playdough Mat FREEBIE


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 New centers were a big hit this week!  I created some alphabet cards and made some homemade play dough for letter practice, printed and laminated Greg's (Kindergarten Smorgasbord)  alphabet chart to match our alphabet song, got out the handy dandy stamps, and stuck with the clear plastic pouches for letter practice.  Word work was a highlight of the week!
Would you like some play dough mats? 
Here you go! 
Click HERE to get them!

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Read to self is moving right along, however, we are "stuck" at about 10 minutes.  Does anyone else have that problem in Kindergarten?  My goal is to get to 15 minutes so I can have a small group working during this time, but I just don't know if we are going to get there.  Someone please tell me I just need to be patient!
  My favorite picture from the week.  These girls walk in this way from lunch every single day.  One walks backwards (like a teacher) and the other two follow along, arms crossed, mouths closed tight to show proper line walking procedures.  It takes...forever!  We rushed them at first but now we  all just sit and watch and enjoy the moment.  A nice reminder to slow down every once in awhile.
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I love Maximo from GoNoodle!  He is a hoot!  He is also strangely calming and relaxing and when I need a moment we turn to him! 
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Kindegarten is HARD work.  I say it every single day.  I'm totally exhausted at the end of the day and I have contemplated curling up under my desk and taking a nap.  This kid beat me to it.  He had his head on a stack of books and the rest were scattered all around him.  Totally adorable. 

Besides all the cuteness I also managed to complete 42 of my 46 Parent/Teacher conferences this week. I'm exhausted but my heart is full all at the same time.  I have great kids, great parents, and I'm excited about this Kindergarten journey!