Who Monday with Blog Hoppin'

I'm excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' Again this year for Back to School 2014.  My favorite part about blogging is reading up on all my favorite teachers and learning about their real lives.  It's fun to see behind the scenes!

So today it's all about the WHO!
I shared quite a bit about myself the other day during Meet the Teacher Monday so I will try to share a few things that help you learn a little bit more about me!

I'm in my 10th year of teaching and I've done a little bit of everything. 
Well, I've done a little bit of a couple of things. 

I taught 5th grade my first year and loved my first group of kiddos.  They graduated already!  
That feels strange.

My very first love (what made me want to be a teacher) was Kindergarten.  You always return home right?  I'm back in Kindergarten after 5 years away.

I also taught 1st grade for 3 years which I loved, loved, loved!  Honestly when I started teaching I was SCARED of 1st graders.  Scared!  They really aren't that scary though, promise.

I am the wife of a die hard Dodgers fan so in turn I am also a Dodgers fan.  We love to go to Spring Training games for Spring Break and have been to more than one park to see them.  We went to Denver this summer to watch them over 4th of July weekend. My dream retirement with him would be to travel around to visit each baseball park in the US.  One day....we can dream.
 I am the mother of 3 daughters.  One is all grown up and living her own adventure VERY far away, this has been a very hard adjustment for me!   My 2 youngest are very much high schoolers and live very busy lives here at home.  We spend our days watching swim meets and going to volleyball games.  It keeps them busy and keeps me sane!
These girls are my whole world.

WHO am I at school?  I'm THAT teacher.  The crazy overwhelmed one at the copy machine talking to herself.  The one who loses her keys and has to do an all call to see if anyone knows where they are (just last week...seriously).  Today it was me looking for a copy of my goals that I thought I had turned in but my principal did not have.  I spent all afternoon on this.  Come to find out she did have them I just didn't put my name on them.  Yep.  I'm THAT teacher!

I'm also the teacher that will go on any field trip you put in front of me (my favorite is San Diego with 5th graders to explore the ocean).  Nothing scares me.  Nothing.  I will take on a new assignment, stay late, work weekends, or just flat out fly by the seat of my pants to make it happen.  The flying by the pants is my favorite kind of teaching!  

My classroom is a healthy mix of Whole Brain Teaching, Daily 5, and a lot of what I've learned along the way.  It's gotta be cute and in color to keep my attention.  We are LOUD, we move around a lot, and we get things done.  I really love this job.  That is all. 

Now it is your turn to link up!  Head on over to meet a bunch of great bloggers (and find some new friends to follow) and then try out your very own WHO MONDAY post! 
Stop by tomorrow to see my WHERE post to check out my super cute Kindergarten room!