Where Tuesday with Blog Hoppin'

Day 2!  "Where" Tuesday is probably my FAVORITE day of Back to School 2014.  I love checking out classrooms!  I can't wait to finish my post so I can do some serious blog hopping!

Let me take you on a little tour!

When you first enter my room you come into a common area that I share with my aid next door.  We have this spot available for group lessons (with all 46 Kinders!)  I'd love to start my Mondays here to review our objectives for the week but I am still not there yet!
The rugs below the white board are from a carpet store.  I use them for students to take to a spot and work independently.  I have all tile and it gives them a nice (confined) place to sit.

We also have our shared books here.  This month all of our school read alouds are stored here so we can get to them easily. (shared between 2 classrooms)
(BTW....I hate the paint job on this shelf.....I will fix that at some point!)

Listening Stations: 
I have 2 different listening stations in my room.  One is set up on the crate benches and is perfect for 4 students.  
 The second listening station is a little smaller but the same idea.  Yes....there is a snake in the tree looking down on them as they read!
Next stop is my library.  I have my library spread out throughout my classroom so kiddos don't have to be all over each other as they shop for books.  I use dishpans from Walmart (the red ones) to store books and some of the more expensive book bin boxes (from Really Good Stuff). I bought those years ago and would never spend that much on book bins again.  You can see those bins in my listening station picture. 
The white bins are from Dollar Tree.
Teaching Space: 
This is my MAIN teaching space.  I bought the safari looking rug about 4 years ago at Home Depot when they were getting rid of samples.  It was $20!  Even though my theme changed years ago I keep this little jewel.  It's the perfect size to fit 24 kiddos! (if we squeeze!)

My easel.  I had a store bought easel when I taught Kinder a long time ago.  I moved to 5th grade and gave it away (duh!).  I didn't think I would need it in 5th.  After about 2 weeks of teaching without it I asked my hubby to make me a new one because I couldn't live without it.  I love my easel that was custom made for me!

This shows my CAFE wall too that is still pretty empty.  We are working hard to fill our Independence charts so we can give them a permanent home on the wall and start filling up that strategy wall!

Work Display Wall:
I want to call this my WOW wall but I haven't made a header yet.  It is oh so beautiful.  I love it!

Odd and Ends:
My calendar, Grammar wall (work in progress), Objectives Chart and front of the room.  This is where I do all of my teaching from the doc cam. 
 The Rest of it!
My student tables, horseshoe table, my desk (way off in the back) and you can see the entrance to our room from this view.  Oh yeah, and it's full of cute Kinders practicing Read to Self.  They are so good at it already because they are SERIOUS about becoming readers! 

That's my happy little space in a nutshell.  It's a very busy place and it makes me happy to come here every day!
Now it's your turn.  Go!