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When Thursday

 When Thursday is upon us which means tomorrow is finally Friday.  Yeehaw.  This week has been a long one!  

But I'm enjoying Back to School 2014 with Blog Hoppin'!

Disclaimer here!  I'm back in Kinder after many years away (if you read my blog often...hehem..mom) you are probably getting tired of hearing me say that but it's my reality right now.  I'm.back.in.kinder.  Super overwhelming!
 "WHEN" I'm teaching things is a little in the air for me right now.  

I like to keep a yearly plan handy that I can plan things out on.  This one is very rough for Kinder: 
 It helps me understand where I am at and where I need to be according to my timeline.  This has a ton of holes in it and I'm not sure how some things will work out but I am eager to get it all organized.  It will take all year, that's for sure!

I share my Peek at my Week every week and a visual planner so today I thought I would share my day in pictures.  This is "WHEN" we do everything in Kindergarten....

As soon as our feet hit the floor....
Students complete a morning word work and then head straight to a choice word work.  I keep these pretty consistent throughout the year as long as they are keeping the kiddos engaged.  
When I add in Listen to Reading it becomes a choice during this time.  

Ring my magic bell....
Read to Self time!  I use my mini lesson time to teach from my Reading Curriculum.  However, right now we are all about building stamina!

Once the kiddos can build their stamina to about 15 minutes I will start small groups. 

Ring that magic bell....
One of my favorite subjects to teach.  I love starting with a fresh set of Kinders so we can start from square one! 

After we have a fun share time....best part of WW....we go to Math.  
This week we got to start Math Journals with a little bit of math tubs. (no pictures of the math tubs)  It was crazy but fun today!
THAT'S IT!  For now!  I do half day Kinder and that's all we can get in right now.  Of course we will add in our science and social studies units as our day starts to run a little more smoothly but for now that's all we can fit in.  I think that has been my toughest transition to half day Kinder. 

So now it's your turn.  WHEN do you plan to teach things? Link up with Blog Hoppin' here!