What I did right this week!

I love this linky title!  Oh my goodness I feel like I have a longer list of what I DIDN'T do right this week but I got few things right so let's celebrate that!

Math journals are off to a great start.  We are recording our "Counting Jar" activities in our journal right now.  I am REALLY TRYING to integrate our Investigations curriculum and math journals.  I learned so many good things last year during my CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction) training.  Math journals are an important part of everyday math instruction.  

Writer's Workshop: 
We are focusing on adding details to our stories (like setting and characters) AND little details like using the right colors, drawing our people CLEARLY and making sure we don't scribble over the top of our picture.  Yes people....it happens.  

Daily 5: 
I want to scream it from the roof tops!  Daily 5 is amazing and this model will change your life.  I promise. If you haven't read the book.....go buy it....like right now!  I love the changes this has made in my teaching and the sense of purpose, independence, and love of learning it has created in my classroom.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing a kindergartner say, "I want to be a better reader!" before they go off to read for Read to Self time.  We are working on setting our own goals each day right now.  Before I dismiss them each day they state their goal, "Today I will....(read quietly, keep my eyes on the book, sit by myself, not disturb my neighbors).  It has been AMAZING!

That's what I did right this week!  What is working for you in your classroom?