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Peek at my Week! (and a letter naming Freebie!)

Is the weekend over already?  Seriously!

We made a lot of progress last week so I'm actually kind of excited to go back Monday!  We have lots of new things to introduce this week and I think the kiddos are going to love them!

On the list to share with them is Listen to Reading and Word Work (on the computer).  Can't wait!

Here is a peek at what our week will look like this week!

I'm playing with my lesson plans again....I've gone to a two page spread.  We'll see if this one sticks!

 I think I will be able to add more details with the two page spread instead of just one, so this might be the ticket.  This is also what I have sitting out on my desk so it fits nicely in my 3 ring binder. 

If ANYONE knows how to keep hyperlinks in a PDF (on a MAC) will you please direct me to the best tutorial for that?  I've been searching for over a year now and can't figure it out.  So each of the links are listed here.  

You can get the copy of the PDF if you want to see it close up and personal. Just click on the picture. 


This week is all about cooperation at home!  We are going to discuss how families can show cooperation at home.  It will be fun to see what this inspires during Writer's Workshop!

We are focusing on the IB attitude of Independence this week.  We've talked a lot about that during Daily 5 with our Independence charts but I'm going to add in my favorite story this week.  

We are continuing with our Routines lessons from Jessica Meacham.  I love the lessons she has put together.  This week we are introducing our date stamper and a little more of our praises for share time.  Last week our favorite praises (you may call them cheers) were Firecracker, Looking Good, Ketchup, and Cheese Grater). 

I'm also introducing Read to Someone along with our fluency practice this week.  How about a freebie?  I made this yesterday so I have a nice clean sheet to start letter naming fluency practice.
 Click on the pic to get it free!

Just a note***I don't plan on doing letter naming for an extended period of time.  I am using this to train them to practice fluency with a partner.***
Our goal is first sound fluency and phoneme segmentation at this time :) 

In math we are continuing our work with math journals and learning our routine with Investigations.  I found the PERFECT place in my room to put math tubs so I'm going to experiment with this throughout the week.  One thing I have learned so far this year....it's hard to experiment with Kinders! So when I say "experiment" I mean....I have a pretty good idea how I want it to look but I know it may not go perfectly at first!  

So that's my week!  Do it once, then do it all over again day after day after day.  Interesting for sure.  I'm still not a fan of half day but I'm learning to go with it! 

Link up with Deedee for Peek at my Week and she even has a classroom tour posted!  Have a great week!