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Peek at my Week: Kindergarten Week 1

I've spent all day planning my new week for Kindergarten and I'm excited to link up with Deedee at Mrs. Will's Kindergarten again this year for Peek at my Week!

It took me a little extra time to plan today because I kept getting side tracked. 

Not with Facebook (although that happens too), with curriculum!  I'm still exploring all the new things that are happening in Kindergarten!  I start to look for one little thing and then suddenly I'm off on another subject entirely.  I think I've got it down now....I think.

Click on the picture to access the PDF with links to products. 

I didn't add a math stations page or a literacy centers page yet because we are still in our beginning stages of implementing everything.  My centers are very limited this week because we will be working on expectations (going to a center, working with materials, cleaning up...etc.)  I might be able to add another page next week.

As for my times....I'm only half day so the second half of the day is just a repeat.  It's quite a whirlwind...let me tell you!

So now it is your turn to visit Mrs. Will's and link up with her Peek at my Week.  This week she is sharing how to create visual plans.  Her videos were very helpful to me last year when I started this visual plan adventure.  I love her advice to "Try it out" (great advice for any new blogger) and "Be Brave!" (also good advice for new bloggers).  You will never know until you try!