Peek at my Week: 4 day week!

Oh thank you Labor Day for giving us all a day to renew, relax, and rejoice in the fact that we have a 4 day work week coming up.  Thank. You.

But wait?  How will I get it all done in just 4 days?  So much for celebrating!

Here's a Peek at my Week that doesn't start until Tuesday!

 I think the 2 page spread is what I'm going to stay with.  I tried the one page for a week or two and I just couldn't stick with it.  This is double duty.  I can use it here for my visual plans and then I just print it out and it goes right in my 3 ring binder on my desk.  Win.Win.  I also changed back to the days of the week on the side after many years of having them across the top.  Non teachers are reading this thinking, "This lady is crazy" but I know teachers will totally understand my strange obsession with my lesson plans. 

Here are links to the products I am using this week: 
 This is how we start our day every day!  This week we finish up introducing all the letters of the alphabet and then the fun really starts!
It's a short week so I don't get to use much of this throughout the week but I will be using the listening to reading response sheet and all the posters.   I'm also using the letter writing pages.

I will use these this week for centers to cut down on paper.  I'm interested to see how it works out.
I got these at Lakeshore this summer.  I only use one of them at the doc cam so I can write on my master copy (without ruining it) and use it again for a second set of Kinders.  I have a bunch more so I'm using my letter writing pages from the Miss Bindergarten unit in these so I only had to copy a few.  Fingers crossed it works...I'm all for cutting down on paper! 

For Writer's Workshop I pulled out Deedee's (and Deana Jump's) Writer's Workshop unit to inspire me.  I found a couple of mini lessons in there to work into my routine and some book ideas to share.  Thanks Deedee for the inspiration!
Whether you are brand new to Writer's Workshop or are like me and have been teaching it for years this unit is a great way to get started.  I pretty much have my own little "start up" I do but sometimes I need a little inspiration on where to go next.  We have worked on our routines, learned how to be a good writing partner, and focused on adding our details into our stories.  This week we are talking about telling a story rather than naming parts.  I needed the push to get this mini lesson planned. 
Ok, need more inspiration?  Visit Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten for Peek at my Week 
(she has never ending ideas!) 
and visit all the other great link ups.  
Happy Labor Day 
and happy teaching to you!