Five for Friday

If you know me by now...enough said. 
Five for Friday is like my, "Hooray I made it!" Friday post. 

The cold I've been struggling with is subsiding and we had perfect attendance (in both classes) 3 days in a row so I think my little kiddos are getting better too.  This week brought a lot of "a-ha" moments and I think I am seeing the light.  Kindergarten is all it's cracked up to be! Awesome!

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 I started math journals this week.  After all the fun I had with journals last year I was excited to start from square one with Kinders this year.  We are focusing on counting and recording right now.  We will record all our "major" numbers (1-20) and then I will start addition problems.  I may be a nerd but this makes me absolutely giddy.

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This was a small moment this week that just made me smile. I have one little girl that loves to help out, no matter what.  During a read aloud (courtesy of Storyline Online) about cooperation she quietly pulled another student aside to tie his shoe. What a  great example of cooperation and helping others!  I just love these little guys!  We were listening to The Library Lion by Mindy Sterling.  Great book!
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 Word Work is going great.  We have introduced items slowly and worked a little bit each day.  I look forward to the day that this part of the day works smoothly but we are still working towards that.  I'm hoping to get some assessments done during word work next week but I know that might be pushing it.

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Today I had a sweet surprise.  My mentor teacher saw a post I made on Facebook about "needing an apple stamp".  Today I opened my mail to find this....
She is the best!  Now I have a fun apple stamp to stamp morning work with! Yay!
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 Last but not least....
Here is what my Friday consisted of...
Assessments make me really sad but excitedly nerdy all at the same time. I hate giving them but I love the data they provide me with.  I only finished about 1/2 of both my classes today.  That means I have about 23 or so more assessments to try to give next week. I've got to figure out a better way to give these all at once instead of one at a time. 

I will leave you with this.....
THIS is why I teach Kindergarten.  I have a little kiddo that doesn't listen to me.  Like ever!  He breaks every rule and bothers his neighbors and just makes life, well....interesting.  He is also the most loving, huggiest, sweetest, little boy you will ever meet.  Just when I thought he would NEVER do any work for me he sat down and colored this little gem.  He then shared during his sharing time that this was Mrs. Langley and he was sure to point out her outfit and her blond hair as details to show more about his story.  I learned two things from this picture.....he is listening to my mini lessons and I may or may not be as scary as I seem! 

Happy Friday to you!  Link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching here!