Five for Friday: Kindergarten is HARD!

Kindergarten is HARD work ya'll.  I'm not kidding.  We work so hard every day and it can cause all kinds of side effects like unexpected naps and colds that come out of no where.  
I mean no where!

I have the WORST cold ever after the full first week of school!  All my kiddos are staying home with fevers, coughs, and runny noses and I wish I could join them.  Despite all the sickness going around we actually got a lot done.  
I still feel horrible though so 
thank goodness it is Five for Friday!

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My week started off all bright, shiny and new with these beautiful crayons.
I love new crayons at the beginning of the year.  I got these CUTE cups at IKEA for just a couple bucks.  They are the perfect size for crayons!
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We actually got to our first round of word work this week.  I only introduced 2 different activities but it went great! Yes, my voice is strained (lots of directions going on) this Friday but we got it all introduced! I think they we will be ready to introduce listen to reading on Monday.  Maybe...

 Letter Highlight
First Sound Fluency Sort
 These are all from my new units to match up with Reading Street!
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Read to Self is off to a great start!  I can not believe how great both my groups are doing on building stamina!  They are SERIOUS about learning how to read which makes this reading teacher super happy!

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Writer's Workshop is also off to a super start!  I am amazed by the little artists I have in the classroom.  We have been focusing on adding detail by using different colors (appropriate ones!) and using our pictures to tell our stories.  It's been fun!
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I don't have anything left.  Seriously.  I'm taking an Ibuprofen for the fever I'm pretty sure is getting worse and I'm almost sure that my hubby doesn't want to sleep next to my coughing self tonight. 
I'm going to remember this though: 
 Thank heavens for friends who keep me going.  Little notes mean the most!
 I'm going to sleep.  All.  Weekend.  Long!  Kindergarten is hard ya'll!