Five for Friday: August 29

Did you make it? 
I did! Five for Friday time!
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We introduced Listening to Reading and Word Work on the computer this week.  It added a lot of excitement to our morning routine!
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We've been working in our math journals all week too.
After our whole group lesson each student works through the skill in our journals and when they are done they move on to math tubs.
I stayed late today to modge podge these cute numbers on them.  Now right now we are still exploring sorting and counting materials, but in the future I can use the numbers to differentiate instruction for all levels of kiddos.  I just like having things labeled truth be told!
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I introduced Read to Someone too but just a tiny bit different.  I use our Read to Someone time to practice reading fluency.  We introduced it with letter naming fluency practice this week. They did a great job practicing together this week and I think they have it down!  Now we can use this quick 5-10 minute activity for fluency practice all year. :)
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I FORGOT how spooked Kinders are by thunder storms.  We had a huge storm this week with tons of rain, lightening, and thunder. (this picture doesn't do it justice)  I wanted to turn out the lights, open the windows, and enjoy the show but my kiddos faces told me I needed to downplay the fact that it was like a hurricane outside and play some uplifting music so they couldn't hear the storm.  It was really beautiful though....

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 Can you say 3 day weekend?  YES!  I almost didn't even realize it was already here.  4 weeks of Kindergarten are done (probably the hardest 4!)  It's all downhill from here :)  
Have a great weekend!