Currently September!

September?  Gosh, it's just flying by.  Who else is annoyed by the people on FB that post "19 Fridays till Christmas?"  This girl!
I would like things to just slow down for a minute. 
But I do get a little excited for a new Currently!
Listening:  I am listening to Big Brother. I cheat....I admit it.  I watch all the spoilers online but then I still watch the show to see how it all went down.  Maybe I should apply to get on the show.  I know I'm just not quite hip enough though! 
Loving:  I am loving my new obsession with kayaking and I'm trying to get my hubby on board tomorrow.  I borrowed 4 kayaks to go paddling down the river tomorrow and I am looking forward to a fun family day.  Now we just have to hope that everyone is in a good mood tomorrow...

Thinking:  Seriously people....Kindergarten is hard work.  There is so much to do that sometimes when I sit down to plan I just want to throw it all at them at once!  I know they will learn even in spite of me but it's overwhelming for sure!

Wanting:  I usually just say, "I'm so happy I don't want anything" but this month I really do want something!  I want someone to walk me through my first Donor's Choose project! Seriously. Hold my hand and tell me what to say.  Tell me what to want.  Tell me what will win the hearts of donors to get all my classroom wishes to come true.

Needing: A classroom color printer.  I have a color printer at home....don't get me wrong we live in the 21st century for heavens sake.  But it's a ink jet and I NEED a laser printer to print out all of my wonderful creations and the creations of others.  I was CUT OFF at school this year and it is literally killing me.  I can't even focus on the task at hand because it's not in color! 

3 trips:  I didn't even have to hesitate on this one. Hawaii because I've never been and I just think everyone should go.  Iceland because my hubby served 2 years there while he was in the Navy and I think it would be fun to go back with him sooooo many years later.  And Ireland just because I've always wanted to go there because when I was little I looked up "Heather" in the dictionary and it said it was a flower that grew in Ireland.  On the hillsides.  And it's purple.  Doesn't that just make you want to go?  Ok, maybe it's just people named Heather that get that.  

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