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Currently August

Currently August:  I'm a little late because I've been WORKING!  A LOT!

I'll share a few pictures of what I have been working on but first my Currently!
Now I get what Farley was talking about when she posted her purty please....don't be mad at me because I am going to share a couple (ok a lot) of pictures because I am Currently LOVING my room! 
No plugs here though...
just a view of my room! 

I did a little "reveal" earlier in the week but I've done a little work and it is OFFICIALLY ready for kiddos! 

 One of 3 listening stations in my room, a little bit of library, and my Learner Profile posters.  I like spreading things out around the room so kiddos aren't all bunched up in one area listening to reading or shopping for books.
 This is where I teach all of my mini lessons for math, Daily Five, or my IB units.  The kiddos sit right on the safari rug to keep them "contained" and proximity close!
 A little more of my library.  All of these books are "school" books.  Math, numbers, alphabet books, puzzle books (a big favorite), feelings, and friends.
 More of my library (I just got these bins at Dollar Tree for...you guessed it, a buck a piece!).  All of these books are non-fiction with categories like, science, weather, winter, spring, fall, apples, pumpkins, stars and space, rock and minerals, and much , much more!

Also visible here is my brand new grammar wall, agenda, and numbers 0-20.
 The second of my 3 listening stations.  My hubby helped me finish these benches yesterday, I was thrilled to add some new benches to my room!
 This is the common area outside my room.  I teach 2 sessions of Kinders and sometimes we meet all together as one big group.  This is where I will teach joint lessons.
 This is an extra bookshelf I had and I put it in the common area so both classes can access these books.  I plan on keeping all of our holiday books here.  (the paint job is horrible, but I'm NOT redoing it!  Never ever will I use spray paint for a project this large again!)
 This is where we unpack in the morning.  BEE books get turned in daily and their lunches go in the baskets.  I just realized I don't have them lined up blue with blue and red with red!  (We have nicknamed our classes RED and BLUE to help keep them straight!)
 This is my favorite new addition......
 It's a WOW work wall!
Now I can display both classes work in one awesome area!  I put a clothes pin at the top of each piece of paper to clip their work to.  Once I take back to school pictures on the first day I will attach them to the clip so their little smile will be displayed with their work.  I'm excited about this!

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