Creating YouTube Playlists!

How do you incorporate music in your classroom? I usually sing (we all sing) during transitions and I always have some type of song, chant, or rhythm to get us going.  I'm a huge believer that getting them all involved and engaged cuts down on classroom behavior issues and ups the achievement.  It's not just to be cute :)

Even though it is....

Today I took it to a whole new level!  I saw a post by Greg at Kindergarten Smorgasboard about Dr. Jean's Alphardy song and how he incorporates it into his morning routine. (His post has a great alphabet chart to match the song!)  I rushed out and bought the song so I could use it too and I have played it the last couple of mornings.  I wanted to get the kids singing it with motions to practice our letter sounds every morning.  So quick as....something that is fast....I logged into YouTube to see if there was a video to go with it.  I found one!

Well that's nothing new, right?  We all know we can hop on over to YouTube anytime we want to find a song/video/brainbreak for the classroom.  Here is where my "aha" moment happened!

This summer at ISTE (International Society of Technology Educators) I saw a tip about starting a play list.  Genius!  I created a playlist named "Alphabet Songs" so I could add some other songs to it.  Now if we get bored of one song we can switch to another.  EVEN BETTER?  Play the whole playlist with one click so they can listen to it while they are working on their morning seat work.  It was quiet, they were working, and some of them were even humming along!

Here are a few easy steps to create a playlist on YouTube:

I hope this makes sense.  Most of you probably already knew how to do this but I was excited to figure it out today.  AND (yes there's more!)  you can time out your videos to last as long as your work time.  I play the videos, but mute the screen so the kiddos can't see that while they are working.  If we are doing our hand motions and dance moves I show the screen. 

Have fun creating you own YouTube lists!