Monday Made It!

I am finally getting around to a summer Monday Made It!  I've been trying to get to this one for weeks now!
Fourth Grade Frolics
Link up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics to share your own Monday Made It or just to check out some fun crafty stuff!

 This is super simple but it's going to be a fun addition to my scrapbook pictures this year.  It's the same ol' "K" that students hold on the first day ( cute) but I painted it in chalkboard paint so I can write "first day" and "last day" to take a before and after picture of the kiddos.  Guess who doesn't have any chalk at home to try it out?  Yep, this girl.  You get the idea though right? 

I made this a few weeks ago but today I got it laminated and actually hung it up in my room this afternoon.  For those of you that have had to move multiple times in just a few years you know the fun of taking down your alphabet and then trying to get it just right in your new room. 
To take the sting out of moving I made a new one.  Just 'cause I can. :) 
 I also made a bunch of other stuff to go along with it.  You can see it all here: 

That's all I've got!  I have a bunch of projects and products I am working on so July is going to be busy.  I'm trying to find the motivation to get it all done! 

Thanks for stopping by!