JULY Currently

Finally getting around to my Currently!

I'm home, I'm home!  It was such a great feeling to sleep in my own bed last night.  I am finally home after a wonderful ISTE conference. It was enlightening, inspiring, educational, and tiring!  4 days of nothing but tech talk can wear a girl out.

Here are a few sights of the conference.

 I got to meet the one and only Moby!  Just in case you didn't know, Brainpop is adding a TON of new features this year.  Including individual student accounts with the ability for students to turn in quizzes via a drop box.  AND teachers can write their own customized quizzes.  
How cool is that? And...how cool is Moby?
 This is about all of Atlanta that I saw.  Walking to and from the hotel was the only time we went outside.  I got to see a lot of their conference center though!
 LOTS and LOTS of lines to stand in.  There were 20,000 people at the conference this year and you could tell.  I stood through an entire session just to hear Jamie Casap from Google speak.  
It was worth it!
 The great news is I have a ton of information to share in the coming weeks/months.  I learned so much about integrating technology in the classroom.  Stay tuned for some fun techie blog posts soon!

And now for my currently, sorry to bog you down with conference pics!
Now it's your turn!  Head over to Farley's blog!

Happy Independence Day just in case I don't get a chance to blog before hand.  I wonder if my hubby will mind if I bring my computer on vacation?