Five for Friday

Along with getting an amazing new haircut today I had a great week!  Summer is officially DONE and I am in full on school mode (never felt like I fell out of school mode!).  
Here is my Five for Friday!
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I do back to school conferences at my school.  I LOVE the value of these conferences, I start school with a better understanding of where my students are coming from, and I get some extra time to talk with parents about my expectations (and theirs), our schedules, and answer any questions that might be weighing on their minds.  I will not lie's tough!  Today I met with 9 parents, so I have 39 to go! I'm hoping to get them all done next week and scheduling has been a full time job. 
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I got most of my classroom decor hung up this week and just the way I like it.  My classroom feels like a happy place!  Click HERE to see my classroom decor pac in my store!

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Even my library is ready to go!  (I reorganize it every single summer, one day I will get it right!)  I finished it off today with $1 baskets from the Dollar Tree.  I may be late to the game here, but I didn't know that everything at Dollar Tree was actually a dollar!  
I may have a new shopping addiction!

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I joined the party a little late but my entire store is 20% off for Christmas in July!   I wish I was catching rays with this snowman right now!
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My littlest little came home from a 1 week mission trip on the reservation tonight.  She was so full of stories she could hardly get them all out.  I missed her!

Happy Friday to you!  When do you return back to school?  I go back next Thursday (teachers report back).  Kiddos come back August 5th!