Five for Friday


We just spent a fabulous 4th of July weekend with family in the Denver area.  It was nice to get out of town and spend time with the fam before heading to summer school this week.  We even got to see the Dodgers play at Coors Stadium.  Cross that one of the list!
 Down town Denver!
 I have to take him to a baseball game to get him to take a picture with me!
 Getting ready to catch the tram into downtown.

 On the way home from Denver we drove through Albuquerque NM and made a little stop off at this house.  Just for the record we weren't the only crazies outside taking pictures but it was a bit awkward when the owner of the house opened the garage door.  Weird.  
Ok, any takers on who's house this is? 
 I made this "K" for Kindergarten for first day of school pictures.  I painted it with chalkboard paint so I can write "first day" and then "last day" for scrapbook pictures.  That is if I remember to take pictures the first day!  Anyone else ever have that problem?

 I finished this classroom decoration packet a while back but I got some of it laminated and hung up in my room this week (benefits of teaching summer school, extra time in the classroom!)  I've been staying a couple of hours each day after the kids leave to get a few things done and it's coming together nicely.  I also got my word wall, grammar wall, and number line finished.  
Yay for being motivated!
This is how I felt going to summer school on Monday......for the record my kiddos did too!  They surprised me on Tuesday though when I said it was time to go they all said, "Awe, already?"  I guess they are having a good time so I can feel a little better about waking up "early" to go every day too.  

That's my Five for Friday!  Today I am home alone and there is no school today so I am going to sit my bum at my computer and work on some projects.  I've been waiting for this day all week!

Happy Friday Friends!