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Worksheet Wednesday Week 3

Yay!  Another edition of Worksheet Wednesday.  I have seriously found some awesome goodies through this link up.  More than anything, I just love that it's summer and all you wonderful bloggers out there have time to blog and share!  Isn't it wonderful? 

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Today's theme is ELA Worksheets.  There were specific directions today to only include ONE page (I've been cheating on that one).  So sorry, today there will only be one page because I do follow the rules (most of the time!)

This worksheet comes from my April Showers ELA unit. 

It's very Spring/April/May themed but this one worksheet on contractions can be used any time of the year. 
It's a cut and glue activity too!  My kiddos love anything that starts with cut and ends with glue.  I hope your kiddos love it too!

Ok....now you can go check out the other links!  
Have fun and keep enjoying sweet summer time!