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Worksheet Wednesday #2 Math FREEBIE


Today Worksheet Wednesday is all about Math Worksheets!  
I LOVE creating math stations and this year I really went all out in that department.  Most of my math stations are an activity based station where students have to do something, but I always try to create a worksheet to go with it.  The great thing about this is I always have a quick "go to" just in case.  Today's worksheet is an example of that!

This worksheet focuses on adding 3 numbers and the strategy of looking for a ten first.  My kiddos loved doing this, it was like solving a puzzle!

 And here is an example of one of the activities in the math stations.  This can count as a "worksheet" too so I included it today.  Students roll the dice 3 times, record their numbers, and then add them up.  I remind them to look for the "10" first, but in this activity we move on to looking for other strategies for 3 numbers.
The worksheets included today are part of my March Madness Math Stations. 
 These lasted me over 3 weeks and my kiddos LOVED them. 

So that's my Worksheet Wednesday!  Now don't forget to check out all the awesome links at the Teaching Tribune.