Thrifty Thursday: Book Bin Dilema...

Seriously, if we had our way we would spend THOUSANDS in our classrooms every year.  Right?  I made the mistake of doing that my first year.  Every book I saw, every bin I thought I needed, every single office supply I thought I couldn't live without I bought.  Seriously.

I've learned a lot in the last 10 years.  I know that it's not all about the BIG NEW THING as much as it's about what works for me.  So here we go.  Learn from my mistakes. 

I bought these from a great company that has a lot of great things but honestly I spent about $75 bucks on these bins: 
I bought 12 of them.  12.  And I paid it off over time for the first 3 months of school.  I love these bins but let me tell you.  I could have bought 75 bins for the same price as 12!!!

Last year I found these at Walmart when all the "dorm" stuff comes out.  They are mini dish pans and they fit PERFECTLY in my book shelves. (I was trying to use the regular dish pan size for my book shelves but they are just a little bit too big!)  I love them!
 The kicker?  They are 97 cents a piece.  Really.  I'm not yanking your chain here!  I got them in white and dark blue to match my room but they also had hot pink and turquoise available.  I am holding my breath in hopes that they are available again this year.  The best part?  Kiddos have such an easier time shopping for books in a bin like this compared to the bins I bought for a ton of cash.  The "book bin" type bins tip over and are a little top heavy.  
I love the look, but they are not practical. 

Although....that style does just the job for individual book boxes.  I buy these from Ikea every year and send them home with the kiddos at the end of the year.  They end up being about $1 a box.  I can do that! 
So that's my little Thrifty Thursday!  I will let you know when the 97 cent dish pans show up at Walmart because I will be all over that.  I need 18 new bins this year to add to my library. Yikes!

Link up with Smorgie for a REALLY cute idea using shot glasses to teach counting.'s a great idea! I'm heading to Dollar Tree to get my shot glasses tomorrow!