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Monday Made It! 2014-2015 Calendar FREEBIE!

Phew, I've been working on my Monday Made It all day long and I'm exhausted! I couldn't wait to get to the computer to share this project with you!

Before I get started, don't forget to link up with 4th Grade Frolics to check out all the fun!

I've been working hard on my summer to do list and today we had a doozy of a project.  My middle little requested a chevron wall in her bedroom.  This stressed me out a bit because I did stripes a few years back and it was hard!

So I started the day with a little tutorial on Youtube.  Seriously, what did we ever do without computers?

Once I saw how easy it was I got started....

I didn't use the 45 degree level on the level I had, I used this instead.  Maybe my level was off but it didn't seem right.  I did use a level on the bottom to make sure I was staying on track. (my husband would be so proud, I never use a level for anything!)
Once I got all the marks on the wall I started putting up the tape.  I had to really pay attention to which sections I would be painting....I got confused a couple of times. 
My daughter was thrilled to come in and start painting with me.  I cut in all the edges as she rolled the middle. 
Here is the finished product...well, almost.  I told you I was exhausted.  The blue tape that is left over marks the spots I need to touch up tomorrow.  I just didn't have it in me tonight! 
She is really, really happy with her room.  All the other walls are just the solid color: 
 I have been trying to figure out how to make an editable product for the last year.  I never have the time to sit down and watch a few tutorials and figure it out.  I found a "simple" solution to offer some editable products and I'm excited to try it out.  So my next MMI is a FREEBIE editable calendar! :)

Notice the chevron theme?  You can tell I had that color and chevron on my mind when I made the calendar.  Honestly I tried to pick a color you could print in black and white in case you don't have access to color! :) It's a two page spread and opens as a Powerpoint and you can type into each square to add in your own important information.

I hope you like it!  I'd love it if you left me some feedback especially since it is my very first editable product. Thanks friends!
Have a great week!