Five for Friday!

It's the best day of the week! Five for Friday!

Have you participated in any Professional Development this summer?  I just finished 2 weeks of math and it was enlightening, empowering, and exhausting!  

It's hard to think that hard when the sun is shining outside!

My sister was visiting from Cali this week and although I didn't get to see her much (see #1) we did get to finish off the week with a fun family BBQ.  Here's a pic of my crazy siblings.  This picture was my mom's idea!

It didn't help that my brother had just jumped out of the pool.  He was very drippy wet!

I'm heading out to Atlanta tomorrow for the ISTE conference and I. AM. EXCITED!  I can't wait to learn about the great things that are happening with technology out there and I just hope I can keep up!

 What are you reading right now?  With a plane ride in my future I am going to get started on the next John Greene book, Looking for Alaska.  I hear it is even better than The Fault in our Stars.  I hope!

That's it!  I'm going to miss my family like crazy over the next couple of days but I'm hoping to come home with a ton of information to share about technology.  Summer school is creeping up on us and summer will soon be over so enjoy it while you can my friends!