Five for Friday June 6

Time for Five for Friday!  Today I am impressed I even knew it was Friday!  Loving summer!
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 This was just yesterdays post but I have little update on my HOMEMADE LAUNDRY SOAP.  It's working out great.  I even did a load of whites and they came out super white and sparkly.  (OK, they aren't actually sparkling but you get the idea).  Now I'll just wait to see how long it lasts.

I spent 3 mornings this week in my classroom and I making great progress! 
 All this junk is put away and I have a new "spot" for my library.  I can't wait to do just a little more work organizing my library so I can do some organization posts about that! 

I have been WORKING super hard on finishing up a first grade math review unit I started last year.  It was exhausting I tell you!  But I finished it all up and I'm really happy with it!
Click on any of the pictures to preview the files. 

If you click "PREVIEW" on any of the units you can get the first week free.  Each unit has 9 weeks of Daily Math. I'm a firm believer in being able to try something out first in your classroom before you buy!
 I have a problem.  A painting problem.  
In last week the girls and I have painted 3 different rooms in our house and we still aren't done.  Today we are going for the 4th, the middle little's room.  I hope she plans on doing most of the painting because my hands are seriously numb! 
Here is the "finished" look for the little little's room.  
We are not done decorating but the paint part is done.
The blue and green is the old are her new colors. 
So much more grown up! 

Professional Development anyone?  I signed up for a math class that is TWO weeks long this summer.  I'm getting some great PD hours for it and a little stipend at the end so that's good but I don't know how I feel about 2 weeks in the classroom.  By the time it's done it will be time to start summer school.  So my 5th Five for Friday is this......
To remind you to slow down I have little FREEBIE to include.  I just updated this in my store, I include this as a freebie every year.  It's just a simple calendar but it's the one I send home with the kids and I use it as my home to school communication tool.  
Here you go!  Click on the pic to download from TPT. And don't forget to LIKE my store while you are there to get updates on ALL my new products :)
I'm going to enjoy next week and just slow down and get lazy.
Who's with me?