Currently JUNE!

I almost forgot it was the 1st!  I hardly remembered what day of the week it was!  Thank heavens I saw Farley's post on IG to remind me!  Link up with her at Oh' Boy 4th Grade to check out what some of your favorite bloggers have planned for June!
Listening:  If we are home and there is a race's NASCAR.  I grew up watching with my dad and thankfully I married someone who likes watching cars go in circles as much as he does.  We've even made our girls tag along to some races....
This was a LONG time ago!

Loving:  The anticipation of moving into a new classroom.  It's taken me a week or two to get excited but the idea of organizing a new space has me all giddy inside.  I can't wait until Monday morning! (said no teacher ever, but seriously in this case I'm excited!)
My principal told me they put 5 coats of wax to make it look this shiny.  This makes me positively HAPPY! (it was a train wreck before!)

Thinking:  Stop stressing about the time that is going by and enjoy the moment!  

Wanting: I've been doing a little too much online "browsing" but I think I have a solution to my "needing" motivation to {work out}.  (I've been searching for a solution for months now.  I want one of these....

This will make me want to work out, right? 

Needing: The beach!  It's so hot here right now I want to head west and go to the beach.  I think I said this on last month's currently? 

Summer bucket list:  I've already been working on some summer projects that were on my list so I'm off to a good start already.  The littlest little and I have been painting all week and so far I've made it through the living room, hallway, and a re-do on her room.  Next week it's the middle little's room that gets a re-do.  

I will make it to some sort of BEACH before the end of the summer though, I mean it!

Happy June!