Top Ten Things I want to do this summer! 
1.  Fun in the sun.  I am a little bit of a sun goddess.  I know it will be horrible for me when I'm "older" (HA! I think I'm technically OLDER now) but I'm ready to shed this see through white skin for a tanner version of myself. 
 This is my favorite spot along the creek in Oak Creek Canyon.  I'm praying we will be able to go this year after the huge fire there. It's just horrible seeing our beautiful canyon burn. 

2.  I want to paint!  I've been putting off painting {a lot} of walls in my house and this time of year is perfect to finally get started because there is nothing else on plate. Right? 
 I think this is even the color I picked out!

3.  Work out. Um, yeah.  I'm that girl.  I've been saying I'm going to get serious about this since January.  I just haven't been able to get that fire under me to get going.  I'm just sure summer will solve that (huge eyeroll here). 

4.  I'm hoping we can take another little road trip this summer.  We have great memories from our trip to Iowa last year and some fun family time is in order!
5.  I NEED a day at the beach.  Just one. I'm not picky.  I think I will be heading to my sister's atleast once this summer. (Lori, you have been warned!)
6.  A little good reading.....any suggestions? 
My last few favorites were.... all honesty I haven't finished Allegiant yet.
I heard it's painful to get through...but I'm gonna try. 

7.  I have the urge to get hooked on something on Netflix.  We just finished up Breaking Bad which was great but we recently got much faster internet so I'm excited to try something new. I welcome suggestions there too, however remember, I have to keep the hubby happy too. 

8.   I love getting crafty, but never have the time.  I always have big plans for the summer!
This space is NOT in my house but I wish it was!

9.  Excited!  I'm excite to go to the ISTE conference in Atlanta this summer with a colleague.  I want to learn some new tips and tricks in the technology world! 
10.  I know I'm not supposed to say anything school related but I can't help it!  I'm excited to sit down, drink a cup of coffee, do a little creating, and blog until my little heart is content.  I'm starting a new grade level next year (hello Kindergarten!) so I have lots to make to get me started!

That's my list!  Don't forget to link up with Mrs. Jump's Class and make your own list!